Age: 15-19 (depending on series)
Gender: Male
Dessert: Chocolate Cake (Classic and deep, without being too complicated. An attribute to his zen-like nature. Both intense and soothing at the same time)
Magazine: GQ (yes, I'm serious)
Weapon: Katana (japanese swords)
Character: The disciplined one. He's sort of the teacher's pet. He takes everything Splinter says very seriously, and as a result, is a very skilled ninja and very skilled in both the practice, and philosophy behind, the martial arts. He's also interested in Japanese history. He's pretty much viewed as the leader of the group, and tends to make group decisions. However, he's not closed to hearing other's opinions and suggestions. Oftentimes, he's the glue that holds the family together. This isn't always the case, however. He and Raphael often come head-to-head on different issues. Leonardo resents Raph for his impulsiveness, temper and rebelliousness. But when it comes right down to it, it's evident that he deeply cares for his brother. He's that kid in school who did well in his classes, pretty much got along with everyone, despite the fact that he's sort of a jock. Even the most downtrodden kids in school couldn't hold that against him, however, because he's just such a decent guy.
Images: Artists name is in parentheses.

Standing: Just sort of standing there, looking kinda bored. (Jim Lawson)
Drama!: Striking a dramatic pose for the "camera" on a comic book cover. (Eastman and Laird)
Upset: Yeah, this is from a not very happy issue of the Image series. But Frank Fosco is cool, and this is the only comic that he illustrated that I have. So, here's Leo. (Frank Fosco)
Happy: "Walkin' along, singin' a song, siiiiiiiide, byyyyyyyyy, siiiiiiiiiide!" (Jim Lawson)
Big Entrance: Comic book version of the turtles' big entrance from the first movie. (Jim Lawson)
Sitting: Sort of sitting, looking neutral. Kinda mellow. Yeah. (Jim Lawson)
Swordplay: Leo about to slice someone.
Horticulture: Gardening isn't Leo's strong point. "Take that, bastard flower!!" (Ken Mitchroney)

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