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But, if you're gonna leave, you might as well visit a place of quality, right? And there are plenty out there, believe you me. (that expression is really wierd, isn't it?) Anyway, the captain (that's me) hopes you enjoyed your stay. Do visit us again. Or we'll track you down, break into your house and REARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE!! BWAAA HA HA HAAAA!!!

Large TMNT Sites: (Good places for TMNT resources and info)
The TMNT fan site run by the bad guys! I can personally testify to the quality of the forum. Great place. It's full of fan-oriented information as well as fanfic, fanart, images from the cartoon and other assorted stuff. If you're looking for current events in the world of TMNT, and how they relate to the fans, as well as information on the old cartoon series, this is the place to go. Run by Krang, the guy who hosts this site. Wooo hooo!

The Official Site: Created and run by the creators of the TMNT, it's got info on all the various TMNT series from TV, to comic books, to movies. They have a small section for fan-created stuff, and often their news and such lacks the fan-oriented context, but this is also a great place for info, as well as other projects by the creators of TMNT.

Under Manhattan: This site is also fan-based, like the Technodrome, but with a lot of informationon the various TMNT series. It has fanworks, articles, forums, etc. Another good place to go for info.

This is the website responsible for my re-initiation into the TMNT fandom. Lots of info, lots of fanworks, lots of stuff. Good layout, very organized. Mikey knows how to put together a website, that's for dang sure!

Dawnatello's TMNT Site: Lots of fanfic and fanart, as well as home to the fanfic and fanart awards. It's the place to go to check out the award-winning material. It's also home to a lot of fun stuff, like games, avatars and trivia, that you may not find anywhere else.

That's what it says: fanfic. Possibly the only place to find any TMNT story written, ever. Not kidding. I didn't even KNOW that my stories were on there until I was browsing and: hey! That's me! Cool beans! I have no idea how the creators do it. Unfortunately, there's no way to browse by genre, but you can look up authors, and there's a little search thingy. Also, interestingly enough, it's a great resource for Avatars. They've got links to avatar galleries, and places where you can make your own. Neat, huh?

Smaller, fanwork-oriented sites: (Mostly people's fanfic and fanart, but certainly not limited to that!)
Azure-Turtle's Lair: Home to the one, the only, blue mutant turtle! This is home to Azure's fanfic (which is very good, by the way) and fanart. He also has a gallery of art from other people, profiles of the TMNT characters and FAQ. He's also a really nice guy.

Kali Gargoyle's Asylum: This is the place to go if you're into fanart! Kali has a huge gallery of pics of the TMNT and original characters. She's an amazing artist. I'd recommend checking out her stuff, even if you're not into fanart. Because I'm always right. Hah!! Also the home to her fanfiction. Some of it is adult-oriented, so she's a good author for readers who like stories in a more mature context.

Greenwillow's TMNT Lair: Home to some great epic TMNT fics, and a plethora of fanart. Yaaaay! Another home for a fanart award. Also hosts avatars. It's also very visually nice and pretty. Ooooooooooooh... pretty...

TMNT with an equestrian spin! HT is a longtime TMNT devotee (I bow to your authority!!). The site includes art and fics, and some horse-related stuff. I dunno. I don't know much about horses. Although HT does. Ya. I'm babbling.

The Ooze Container: Okay, so this is an artwork archive which is just... whoooaaaa... ya gotta check out Javvi's stuff, and the other stuff, and the stuff after that and... oh yeah, some fanfiction too. Also a place for WinAmp skins and related stuff. Also a very pretty site to look at. *sits in front of computer monitor, hypnotized* 

TMNTArt DeviantArt group: a gallery of tmnt fanart from lotsa artists, on Check it out. Got tmnt fanart? Submit it here! (Contact Horseturtle/Horsetechi for more details)

Free Web Graphics: These are sites where I obtained graphics, such as backgrounds, buttons, etc. that are free for use, provided one links back to the site. Like I'm doing here. Because I set such a good example. I made a joke. 

 This is where about 95% of the neat graphics on this site come from. It has a button maker and logo maker, which are really fast, as well as plenty of goodies like bullets, clip art, icons and more! I totally recommend checking it out!

Other Links:
My DeviantArt Gallery: This is where I've been sticking my general artwork, if ya wanna check it out.

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