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Chapter two- seeing for the first time

      Rain idly tugged at the chains that bound her to hell. When was she ever going to get out of here? And would
  that Leo guy ever come back to talk to her? Or did he just abandon her like all the rest? God, would she ever
  have any answers in her life? No, knowing her luck. With a sigh she lay back down and started to trace the all
  too familiar cracks on her ceiling with her eyes. Oh boy, she was bored out of her mind. She wondered how
  long she had been locked up for. It seemed like years ago that Leo had been in her room. A tight feeling grew
  in her chest when she thought of him. Where was he anyways?
      "I wish he would come back", she said softly to herself.
      "Wish who would come back?"
      "LEO! Oh my God is that you?"
      Leo couldn't help but smile. Seeing her this excited really made him did it make him feel?
      "Yea, its me, did you miss me at all?"
      "Did I ever! God where have you been?"
      "Umm, been around. So, how are you doing?"
      Rain looked down at her sore wrists and ankles. Lets see, how was she?
      "I'm bored out of my mind! But other than that, just peachy."
      She gave a small empty chuckle. It broke his heart to see anyone in pain like that. Especially her. Damn, where
  had that come from? He started to take a step towards her then thought better of it. No sense in scaring her to
  death. He watched her peer into the darkness eagerly. He felt his chest tighten with a bit of guilt.
      "Why can't I see you Leo?"
      He had hoped she wouldn't ask that question. But it was inevitable wasn't it?
      "I, uh, just don't...I'm not really good to look at."
      He mentally kicked himself in the ass for that. Could he have possibly come up with a lamer excuse? He
  watched as her nose crinkled in a bit of distaste.
      "C'mon, probably a lot better looking than me."
      Gods no, she was more beautiful than a setting sun. Did he just think that? Leo, stop this. You can't become
  emotionally attached. But he longed to.
      "No, I'm really not."
      Her pouting lips pulled at every one of his heartstrings. How could he resist? He couldn't. Slowly he took a step
  from the shadows and came into view at the foot of her bed.

  The first thing I ever saw when my eyes fell upon him was his eyes. Those beautiful crystal blue eyes. Piercing,
  unreadable, dignified, and...lonely? I became lost in them. I think I made him a bit uncomfortable because he
  cleared his throat with a quaint politeness. I blinked several times and remembered to breath. My eyes
  continued to roam down his body. His arms where huge! In fact his whole body just seemed like one huge
  muscle. But of course it wasn't. Every part of his body was well defined, the way the muscles were flexed, how
  he had the ability to walk soundlessly. It was amazing. What intrigued me the most though, were his hands and
  feet and his back. His hands only had three fingers and his feet with only two large toes. His back wasn't even a
  back it was a shell. How odd, but in some very different way, handsome. He had a very handsome face.
  Charming. Was that the word I was grasping for? I wasn't sure. I watched him as he made his way to the side
  of my bed and take a seat on the edge of it. His eyes never left my face, which was comforting. I wondered what
  he was thinking. He probably thought I was being freakish. Sitting here and gawking at him like this. But was
  just so amazing to look at. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Those eyes, his eyes, shameless to the core. His
  hands weathered and calloused from years of use of his strength. Those strong arms that, if curled in, could
  make you feel safe from death itself. All of him was absolutely beautiful. I finally looked back up in his face and
  was surprised to see a soft glow in his eyes. He seemed to be taken aback. Wonder why?

  She just stared at me. Her dark eyes soaking up every detail of my body. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable
  at first, but after awhile I became used to it. She had immediately become fascinated with my eyes. Or so it
  seemed. She sat there and looked into them for what seemed like an eternity. Could she tell that I was
  blushing madly? No, too dark. Two things bewildered me. One, she wasn't terrified of me. And two, she was
  smiling. A real, and perfect smile. The first time I ever saw purity in her. Not that she wasn't pure, but…oh gods
  never mind. I walked over to the side of her bed and took a seat next to her. We both sat there quietly for a bit.
  Neither one of us wanting to speak. Just watch each other. Both being comforted by each other's presence. I
  took this opportunity to get a better look at her. Now that I was closer, I saw details I had missed in my dreams.
  Her eyes were a deep midnight blue. And if I looked closely I could see small flecks of sky blue mingling in the
  darkness of them. Beautiful. Everything about her was beautiful. Her small, slender hands. Her long graceful
  arms a soft creamy color with a satiny feel. Lips the color and shape of a small rose bud. Her waist curving
  dangerously in a very seductive way. I longed to touch the softness of her. But I again restrained these feelings.
  They were something I shouldn't indulge in. But I was quickly losing the battle. The one and only battle I have
  ever lost and loved losing. Her body was soft. She really didn't look defenseless at all. She was average in size.
  Not slender like April. She was slightly fuller. She was also the first to break the silence.
      "Why didn't you want me to see you?"
      He blinked in surprise, not quite sure how to respond to her blatant question.
      "Uh...well, uhm...ah..."
      "Were you afraid?"
      "Well you see..."
      "Cause, if you were, you shouldn't have been. You're not bad to look at, at all. You're very wonderful to look at if
  you want to know the truth. And I'm sure you have heard this a bazillion times, but, I've never seen anyone quite
  like you before."
      "You think I'm wonderful to look at?"
      A deep red rose into her cheeks. I felt my heart flutter.
      "Uh, heh, yea."
      Before I could stop myself, I reached out and grasped one of her chained hands. At first she tried to pull away,
  afraid as if I would hit her, but relaxed as I gave her hand a gentle squeeze. I could tell she was very confused
  and at the same time ecstatic. Just by how her eyes came to life. That very moment I touched her she came to
  life. And the tightening feeling in my chest exploded into pure ecstasy of the sheer knowledge of having that
      "I don't want to be alone anymore."
      Her voice broke and she fell into my arms crying. I frowned and did the only thing I could. I wrapped my arms
  around her and pulled her close to me.
      " don't have to be alone anymore. I'm here, it'll be ok."
      But in my heart I knew it wouldn't be. And that, I believe, was the first time I ever felt real defeat.

  The moment he wrapped those powerful arms around me, was the moment my soul unlocked itself and
  opened up everything that had been hidden for so long. He held me close to him and told me I wasn't alone
  anymore and I believed him. I trusted him and I knew I could count on him. I hadn't even known him for more
  than a couple days, yet, I had complete trust in this man. It felt right. Did mother send him to me? Did she know
  how lonely I was? How unloved and neglected? Again more questions left unanswered. But one answer I did
  have was, there is someone out there who could love me. Ack! Love me? Leo? Maybe I meant cared for me. Ok,
  maybe I should just stop thinking about this. Right, I'm stopping. Leo could never love me. Could he? I sighed
  into his plastron and listened to his steady heartbeat. Then without warning, I felt him slowly begin to run his
  fingers in small circles in the middle of my back, which relaxed me and I soon, found myself feeling drowsy. I
  didn't want to fall asleep, but after letting all those pent up emotions out, I soon found myself slipping away to
  another world where pain didn't exist.

      Quick heavy footsteps could be heard from the hallway heading towards Rain's room. Leo quickly removed
  Rain from his lap and gently laid her down on the bed. He frowned realizing she had no covers or even a single
  pillow. In fact there was hardly anything in the room. A single dresser sat in the corner, but nothing sat on it to
  show that its owner had any sort of personality. The whole room was plain and impersonal. He took one more
  look at the girl sleeping, and then slipped out of the window just as he heard the lock slide out of place and the
  bedroom door creak open. Leo dropped to the ground soundlessly and made his way to the manhole nearby.
  Before he reached it though, he sensed a presence hiding in the shadows to his right.
      "Raph, what are you doing here?"
      "Well that's a real good question Leo, I should ask you the same thing."
      "Its none of your business."
      "Oh ho ho, the fearless leader thinks it's not my business. Well you have another thing comin' to ya pal. It is my
  business, and yea wanna know why?"
      Leo had a stern look on his face. He did not want to be having this conversation at this very moment. Especially
  out in the open where the foot could easily catch them. But, he'd humor his brother, just this once.
      "Why Raphael?"
      Raph sneered, rejoicing in the fact that, for once, Leo would play along.
      "Because I know about everything. I know who is up there in that little room. And I know about your dreams Leo.
  How you've been denying them to our faces. What kind of leader does that huh? What kind of leader goes
  behind his brothers' backs like that? Do you know?"
      "No, why don't you enlighten me, Raphael."
      "One without honor, Leonardo."
      It took all of Leo's self-control not to level his brother right that instant. If he knew half the story then he would
  have known better than to say something that harsh. He gave his brother an angry look and was about to say
  something when a sudden scream cut through the thick tension between them. They looked at one another
  then both jumped up onto the fire escape. Leo reached her window first and wished he hadn't. Rain's father
  had her long dark hair wrapped around his knuckles tightly and was jerking her head around violently. Leo only
  heard half of what he was yelling about before thrusting the window open and knocking him onto the floor in
  one fluid motion.

      When I heard the scream I forgot about Leo and I's little disagreement and immediately went into ninja mode.
      Leo gave me a quick "ok" look and we both jumped onto the fire escape. But we both weren't prepared for what
  we saw when we reached the bedroom window. Rain's father had her by the hair and was yelling at her
  furiously about denying something.
      "Don't you fucking lie to me, there was someone in here, I heard their voice. Now how was it?"
      "I swear, there was no one in here!"
      He yanked her head violently again. That's when I watched Leo throw the window open and leap inside,
  ramming the guy to the floor. I rushed over to Rain and immediately went to work on the chains.
      "No, no, leave them!"
      "Excuse me? I know I didn't hear you say that."
      "Please just leave me, get out of here!"
      "Uh uh, no way, I ain't leavin' without you. You don't have much of a choice sweets."
      She gave me a cold glare, which only made me grin as I broke the handcuffs. God, her wrists and ankles
  looked horrible.
      "C'mon, lets go?"
      "Wait! Hang on a second!"
      I groaned. We didn't have a second. Leo was about to kill her father. She quickly scrambled to her closet and
  grabbed an overstuffed backpack, then rushed past me to the window. I made sure she was out safely before
  going back to Leo. Rain's father had become his personal punching bag. Not a good thing.
      "Leo, c'mon, lets get outta here!"
      With one final blow to the head, he got up and slipped out the window. Wow, I didn't want to be him when he
  wakes up. It's gonna take a little more than a bottle of Tylenol to help with the pain he's gonna feel. Geesh.
  Leo glanced around one more time before sliding the manhole cover back into place. Then he jumped down
  into the sewer and started heading towards home. He was not a happy turtle. Ok, so maybe callin' him an
  honor less leader was pushin' it, but dammit he pissed me off when he did shit like this! Ugh! I glanced over at
  Rain, she was a pretty girl. About my height, 5'7", long dark hair and dark eyes. With long dark lashes hovering
  over them. She was a real looker. Wait'll Casey sees her! I grinned; Casey and I were going to have to pay
  Rain's father another visit in the near future. I again glanced to my side at her, and then blinked. Wait. Where the
      "Uh...I'm stuck."
      "Your what?"
      "Fuck, Leo. Hold up, she's stuck!"
      Leo turned around and walked back over to us.
      "She's stuck?"
      "Yea, stuck. Ok can we get over the 'She's stuck' thing? Christ!"
      "Here, I've got her."
      Leo walked over to her and reached out to take her by the shoulders but she cowered away, as if he was about
  to smack her. I saw a glint of guilt in his eyes.
      "Rain, its ok, we won't hurt you.Yea maybe we have some nasty tempers, but we would never, ever hit you."
  She glanced up at me shyly, and relaxed a bit, which was enough for Leo to be able to pick her up and carry her
  the rest of the way home. Now maybe Splinter could figure out the whole dream thing. There has to be some
  reason, some connection.

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