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Chapter 3- Now the Story

      She was really here, sitting in that chair, and eating my chicken noodle soup. Wow, she was really here. Wow,
  wow, wow,wo-
      Splinter's stern voice brought me out of my daze. Apparently she had asked for some more soup. I felt myself
  blush and quickly got up to get her more. She looked really good. I mean, really hott! In the dreams I never really
  paid much attention, but now that she was here, she just looked amazing! I couldn't believe she was real.

      She looked so scared. Ok well maybe not scared. Shy? She was being very quiet and withdrawn. It could have
  been the fact that she hadn't had much to eat in a long period of time. I gave her a quick look over, or tried to at
  least. She kept wincing and shying away from my touch. It got kind of frustrating after 10 minutes, so I just gave
  up. But I prompted her to take a vitamin C and to take a hot shower. Then Mikey could fix her something to eat.
  Now an hour later we all sat around the table and waited. Splinter said she was the key to why we were
  dreaming of her. Just wish she'd hurry it along.

      The whole place looked like a house. Only under ground in a sewer system. But it had real furniture, more than
  I had. In the living room there was an old worn couch that looked like it had been through many owners, and
  had had many face lifts over a long period of time. Sitting next to it was a worn recliner, obviously found
  somewhere at the city dump. Actually, come to think of it, all the furniture looked like it had been. The coffee
  table sitting in front of the patched up couch looked as if it had been through WW III with all its chipped pieces
  and missing leg. A few books were stacked underneath it to compensate for the unevenness. I really liked it
  though. It felt comfortable and charming. Homey, hah! Was that even a word? Well, it was now. I couldn't  help
  but let a small smile slip out. For the first time in a while, I felt at home. The shower felt refreshing too. I hadn't
  been able to take one in a long time, so running my fingers through my long and now clean hair felt like heaven!
  I leaned against the cool tile of the wall, letting the warm water wash over me, cleansing not only my body but
  also my soul. It had been a long time since I felt anything like this. Safe. Something I had taken for granted until
  that night when life ended for me. I didn't want to think of that now. Not until I had to talk about it, if I could even
  do that. A knock at the door startled me enough that I almost hit my head on the showerhead.
      "You ok in there?"
      "Umm...yea, I'm fine."
      "Alright, well dinner will be ready when you get out."
      "Ok, thanks."
      I relaxed after he left. I wasn't sure but it sounded like Donatello. He was a very interesting man- er turtle. But
  none-the-less he was interesting. Extremely intelligent, and distant from the living. Computer geek, that's what I
  wanted to call him. At any rate, he was a good guy, although him trying to give me a doctor's "checkup" was
  something I didn't want to go through again. I only hope that I won't get hurt in the near future. I have a feeling
  I'm going to be here for a good amount of time.
      As soon as the water started running cold I shut it off and stepped out to grab a towel. In the process I was
  blasted with a rush of cool air. I needed to remember to lock the bathroom door.
      "Jesus! Raph!"
      He froze, just staring at me blankly. Luckily I was quick enough to grab the towel and cover myself before he
  saw anything. At least I hope he didn't see anything.
      "Get the fuck out!"
      He continued to look at me with a dumbfounded expression.
      I walked over and shoved him out the door, locking it behind him. Jesus. Stupid turtle.

      I had completely forgotten that she was in the shower. So storming in there and catching her stark naked by
  surprise was definitely not winning me her trust. I really hadn't seen much. But it was enough to get me excited,
  and I don't mean in the active way. Oh boy it was gonna take a nice cold shower to get this turtle sobered up.
  She was beautiful though. The soft curves of her body were dangerous in so many ways and on so many
  levels. I know I have self control but if this happens again I'm not so sure if I could keep my hands off her. Wait,
  did I just think that? I have a girlfriend, I need to keep my hands off of her. I will not be unfaithful to Jasmine.
  Besides Rain is just a friend, no, she's a sister, she's a part of this family now, well hopefully, so it would be
  wrong for me to think about her like that. Right, now, for that cold shower.

      She stepped into the kitchen carefully not really wanting to have attention drawn to her. But she was
  unsuccessful, all eyes turned to her, watching her take a seat and waiting for her to finish eating. When she
  was finished. The bowl was cleared away and everyone sat, waiting patiently for the story to start and the
  answers to their questions about the dreams solved. Splinter folded his hands on the table and looked over at
  the young girl.
      "How old are you child?"
      "I'm 18."
      Murmurs started to drift across the table but were immediately silenced by Splinter's old gnarled hand.
      "Tell us your story child."
      Rain sighed deeply. This was an old wound she didn't want to re-open, but it looked like she had no real
  choice. So with a deep breath she began her story.
      "When I was younger my parents and I lived on this small farm about 2 hours from Manhattan. I used to play in
  the big meadow behind the house. I think those were my happiest memories, chasing the butterflies and
  sleeping in the tall grass in the sun. It was perfect. My parents loved and cherished me more than anything. It
  was just…normal. Anyways, as I got older I got interested in dancing. So I took Irish step dancing classes
  twice a week in the evenings. For a while it was going pretty good, I was making a lot of friends and I was in a
  lot of dance competitions. But you know that saying 'All good things must come to an end'? Well, my dad lost
  his job so we had to cut back on a great deal of things since he was our main source of income. Then he
  started drinking. He'd come home late at night sometimes, after being at the bar most of the day. Eventually it
  became an everyday routine, and each night he became more violent with us. He'd yell at mom for the smallest
  mistakes. Like maybe she hadn't gotten the dishes done or dinner was cold. He never hit her. I was his
  punching bag. My room was kind of messy, but teenagers are like that. He didn't want me like that so after a day
  of being out drinking, he'd come home, yell at mom and then come up to my room to check if it was clean or
  not. It was never good enough for him so he beat me into making it cleaner the next time. Dance lessons
  eventually had to be cut out because lack of money and too many bruises to hide."
     "Your mother never did anything about your father beating you?" Don interrupted.
      "Uh no, she didn't. She still loved him so she wouldn't leave him. She just kept telling me that it would get
  better. That it was only temporary. And I believed her. That was a huge mistake."
      She wiped away a few stray tears that were trailing down the sides of her face. Leonardo reached over and took
  one of her hands in his; and squeezed it reassuringly. She gave him a weak smile and continued.
  "We were coming home from my last lesson, my mother and I, that is, and umm... it had been raining so the
  roads were kind of slick." She paused, taking a deep breath. " She uh, we never saw the other car coming, not
  until it was too late. There was this bend in the road and it all just happened so fast, ya know?" She gave a
  harsh chuckle, tears falling freely now. " When it hit she went flying through the windshield. Killed her instantly."
  Don grimaced, not wanting to imagine what Rain must have seen. He took a quick glance around the table.
  Mike had tears rolling down his cheeks, Raphael had his head bowed low and his eyes shut tightly, Leo was
  still holding Rain's hand, his eyes unreadable. And Master Splinter watched quietly, waiting for her to regain her
      "Sorry, this is just...really hard for me. I haven't talked about this to anyone."
      "Take your time child, we understand the pain you must be feeling and respect that it is hard for you to
  remember such hurtful memories."
      His wise and soothing voice calmed her down enough so that she could finish her story.
      "Well, I remember hearing voices coming towards our car, someone came around to my side and reassured
  me that I was fine and that help was on the way. They didn't mention anything about my mom, which I was
  grateful for. If they had I would have lost it, well no, I would have realized that it was real and that she was really
  dead. At the time I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to admit she was gone forever. That hope was gone
  forever. The ambulance finally arrived but they had to wait for the fire department because I was wedged
  between the car door and the dashboard. "
      "How is that possible?" Raphael interrupted.
      "Well when he hit us he had rammed us in the front and our car went spinning out of control and slammed into
  a tree, which was on my side."
      "When he hit you?"
      " dad was the one who hit us."
      A heavy silence fell upon the kitchen. Leo's voice barely came out as a whisper when he was finally able to
      "Your father was the one to kill you mother and almost kill you?"
      Rain nodded silently.
      "And your father is the one who beat you on a daily basis?"
      "Yes but it didn't start until he got out of prison."
      "How long was he in there?"
      "He didn't get out till about a year or so ago."
      "And they never checked to see if he abused you?"
      "He never told them, and I never said anything. He's the only family I have Leo."
      "Rain that's still not a good reason to just let him get away with something like that."
      "But being put away in foster care and losing the only father I have and all the memories of my mother would be
  a good idea?"
      "Rain that's not what I meant..."
      "Well it sure as hell sounded like it did."
      "I'm done talking about this. You know the story now. I sure hope you're satisfied with it."
      With that she stood up and stormed out of the kitchen, leaving the turtles with gaping mouths and their father
  more troubled than before.

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