Chapter 4
The April Files

Chapter 5- Honor and Love

      She came to me in the middle of the night. Her eyes spoke for her mouth, pleading me to come talk to her. So I
  slid out of bed as quietly as possible. Raphael was snoring loudly, but he wasn't the one I was concerned of
  waking. It was Master Splinter. She beckoned me to follow her that of course I did. We didn't speak until we
  were out of the lair and in the sewer tunnels.
      "Hi." She said quietly.
      "Hey, umm...I know of a place where we can go talk and not be disturbed, if you'd like..."
      "Yes, that's fine, I really do need to talk to you."
      "Alright follow me."
      I walked up ahead of her and tried to calm my nerves. Why was I so nervous? The whole feeling was that of
  awkwardness, I hadn't realized how long it had been since we had actually been alone talking.
      "Leo, hold up. I can't walk that fast."
      "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize I was walking that fast."
      She had to jog a little to catch up with me, that's when I noticed that she wasn't wearing anything on her feet.
     "Rain, where are your shoes?"
      "Oh, uh...I guess I forgot to slip them on."
      I sighed and walked over to her. Sometimes I wonder if women have any common sense at all. I went to pick
  her up and she immediately shied away from me.
      "Rain, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to carry you."
      "I know, I'm sorry. Its just...well I guess I'm just used to being hit and all. I'm not used to all the kindness you
  and your brothers and father have shown me."
      "Rain you don't have to apologize. Just trust us, ok?"
      She nodded and I picked her and started walking again. Cautiously she wrapped her arms around my neck
  and then curled up in my arms with her head resting on my shoulder. Honestly I could have held her like that
  forever. But I know it's wrong. I know it won't work out between us. It can't. She's human and…I'm not. However
  painfully obvious that maybe be, it's the truth.
      I gently set her down on the carpet and then took a seat in front of her.
      "Wow! Where'd you find this place, Leo?"
      "In my wanderings around the sewer. No one else knows about it."
      "What if your brothers needed you?"
      "I would know. I would feel it."
      She nodded and leaned back on her hands.
      "Kinda dark though."
      I got up and went over to the small table sitting against the wall to the left of us. I had forgotten to light the
  candles. Jesus Leo, think would ya? I quickly lit them then sat back down across from her. My breath caught in
  my throat when I looked at her. She was breathtaking in the candlelight. The way the shadows danced around
  her made her look more enticing and exotic than before. I had to close my eyes and slowly try to calm my urges.
      "We need to talk."
      "Well...about what happened between us. I'm sorry I flipped out on you like that. Its just, well at the time I really
  didn't believe I had any other family but my father. But you and your brothers and Splinter have proven me
  wrong. April is terrific too! Taking me out shopping. I, uh, don't think I could ever repay you. But I want to
  apologize for being so cold to you for so long. I really shouldn't have. I hope you can accept my weak apology.
  I'm not really good with them. I really do care about you a lot Leo; I don't want to lose you. I'm afraid to lose you.
  Great look at me, I'm babbling again. And I can't believe I just told you that. God you must think I'm some sort
       His lips cut her off mid sentence. Just hearing those few precious words was all it took to send him over the
  edge. His lips burned for hers. His desires clouded his mind and his lust took over his body demanding him to
  do what it wanted. She completely melted into him, throwing her arms around his neck and returning the kiss
  with a desperate passion of feeling wanted. And he gave it to her. But of course the mind began to take control
  again and their lips parted. The kiss left them both breathless.
      "I'm sorry..."
      "Shh...Leo, its alright."
      He smiled and caressed her cheek softly with one of his thick fingers.
      "Rain...I care about you a lot. No... I'm falling in love with you. Ever since my dreams started I knew there was
  something there. Some connection. And then...then when I finally saw you in real life, I just had this feeling in
  my chest."
      "A tightening feeling," she whispered.
      "Yes. And when I touched you, I felt something come alive in me. And after that first time we met I couldn't keep
  you off my mind. Rain, I love you. I can't deny these feelings anymore. I want to because I'm afraid that you'll get
  hurt. But dam it I can't do it. I love you too much. I don't want to ever lose you. Ever."
  She kissed his cheek softly, tears falling down her face. Was this really happening? She would have pinched
  herself. But something inside of her told her it was the real thing.

      Words could not describe how I felt. What he just said to me was more than I could ever ask for. He loved me.
  He truly loved me. It didn't matter if we were two completely different species. He loved me because of who I am
  just as I love him for who he is. And his kisses, oh his kisses woke up parts of my body I had no idea were
  capable of feeling. He had left me breathless, god why couldn't we have met sooner? So many years wasted
  because he didn't know if I was real. Blasted destiny! I looked into his crystal blue eyes and for the first time
  saw feelings and hidden secrets that normally he kept unreadable. He was opening up to me. I loved him so
      "I love you," I whispered into his lips.

      My whole body yearned for hers; my lips ached when they weren't dancing with her lips. And when I heard her
  whisper those three simple words I lost myself in desire again.
      I swept her up in my arms and kissed her deeply. She tasted so wonderful, like a salty rose. And she smelled
  like the ocean. I don't think I could ever get enough of her. I wanted to make love with her right there but I knew
  Master Splinter would not approve of it. It would be a very indecent and honor less act. So I held my panting
  desires and buried my mouth in hers. I have never known such passion before, passion that drove you over the
  edge and deep into murky water, clouding all your senses. Except for want and desire. I could be a poet. I broke
  the kiss and held her face in my hands.
      "Do you want to tell everyone now? Or wait?"
  I know it's probably not the time to ask. But I needed to know. I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to tell them this
  soon or not. I wanted to tell Splinter at the right moment.
      "Lets wait."
      I smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace. I was afraid that if I kissed her again I might not be able to stop
  myself from going further. I only hoped that it would work. That nothing would go wrong. But I knew that was too
  much to ask for from the gods above. Were they smiling down upon us as we sit here holding each other? Are
  they watching over us, helping us, insuring us that it would be ok? Or were they mocking us because we were
  too different to last. Oh if I could only know. It would make life so much easier. But that's not how life works.
  They make it hard for us to live. Its how they play with us. Toy with our souls. In some ways it's very cruel. In
  others it's just something you learn from so that when it happens again you can triumph over them. Its just one
  big game and we're the pieces, the pawns in the game of life.
      They both sneaked back into the lair as quietly as possible, stifling their laughter. Two young lovers afraid of
  nothing, yet everything at the same time. If only it could last forever, but nothing ever does, that's not the way life
  goes. With a final breathless kiss they parted and went their separate ways. It wouldn't be their last departure
  from each other. And it certainly won't be kept secret for very long.

      Another morning. And another long, boring day. Michelangelo is cheery as usual. Enough to make anyone sick.
  But hell, that's who he is; I can't hate him for that. He could at least try and be a little more considerate and
  realize that other people live in this house too. And that they aren't as energetic as he is at six in the morning. I
  took a sip of coffee and turned the page in the paper. No mysterious crime waves involving street punks or
  strange masked men. Typical. The foot has been in hiding for too long. I folded the paper up and tossed it on
  the table. So much for trying to find something to do. Hmm…maybe I could go help Raph with the motor of the
  van. He's been working on that pile of scrap metal for weeks now. Might as well offer a hand in helping. That
  reminds me, I have to work on that antidote for helping us stay more flexible during the winter in case the foot
  decides to come out of the woodwork. So few things to do in such a great amount of time.

      Donnie seemed a little more distracted this morning. Even the paper didn't seem to interest him. I guess the
  restlessness we've all been feeling has finally caught up with him. Poor guy. Oh well, I'm sure he'll find
  something to do. Maybe he can help Raph out with the van. Rain emerged from the hallway and trudged into
  the kitchen groggily.
      "Good morning sun shine!"
      "Morning Mikey, what's for breakfast?"
      "Hmm... that's a good question. What would you like?"
      "Some toast with jelly and butter, along with a nice tall glass of orange juice."
      I blinked, man this girl doesn't eat much at all. That's all she ever wants for breakfast, a couple slices of toast
  and a glass of orange juice. The thing that gets me is, she always asks what's for breakfast, and then just asks
  for toast! Girls are so confusing. I shook my head and went to making her toast. She could get the orange juice
      "So, I saw Leo last night."
      "Say what?"
      "I saw your brother."
      I raised an eye ridge, temporarily forgetting about her breakfast,
      "And? Tell me what happened!"
      She giggled and gave me a playful smirk.
      "Aw, c'mon, you can't leave a turtle hangin'. Its totally un-cool Rain!"
      "Heh, sorry."
      She got up and walked over to me.
      "We kissed last night!"
      "You WHAT?!"
      "Shh...keep your voice down. I'm not supposed to be telling anyone."
      "Ok, sorry. Now wait a second. Leo kissed you? Leo knows how to kiss?"
      "Yes, and he took my breath away both times."
      "BOTH TIMES?"
      "Mike! Keep it down!"
      How could I keep it down? This was the most exciting news yet! Holy shit Leo knows how to kiss a girl and take
  her breath away! My plan worked WAHOO!"
      "So are you two like official or something?"
      "In a way, but we aren't going to make it public right now."
      I could understand that. Leo would want to take his time and have it be the right moment to tell sensei.
      "Well you'd better keep me updated little lady."
      "Ok, deal," she laughed.
      She gave me that flashy smile of hers, and then she went and got the orange juice out of the fridge. Damn she
  was a cutie! Leo was one lucky son-of-a-turtle!

      I had to tell someone, anyone! I couldn't keep it to myself. Finally I made a decision and headed towards
  Donnie's lab. I knocked on the door quietly, and hoped I wasn't disturbing him. I know he has been working
  diligently on an antidote to help keep us flexible during the winter so that we can easily defend ourselves in
  case the foot decides to give us a surprise visit. After a few seconds of waiting, the door cracked open and one
  large copper eye stared back at me.
      "Uh...are you busy?"
      "Hang on."
      The door shut in my face abruptly. I was left standing there for a few moments, waiting for him to finish up
  whatever he was working on. I noticed that lately he has become more and more secretive with everyone. What
  the hell was he doing in there? The only answer I received was the door swinging open swiftly and my brother's
  face looking out at me expectantly.
      "Well, come in."
      "Uh...sorry if I caught you at a bad time Don."
      I walked in a stood there, not really sure where to go, and not really wanting to upset him by sitting in the wrong
  place. His lab had become so foreign to me, it reminded me of when Mike had come in to ask him something
  and took a seat on one of the cots. Don flipped out and yelled at him to leave and knock the next time he wanted
  something. That was another thing I noticed about him. He was becoming more edgy. The only person that he
  never minds having in here or walking through to get to the garage is Raph. They don't ever speak to each
  other, but they have a mutual understanding of one another's workspace. So now here I was, standing here
  awkwardly in front of my older brother, completely unsure of what to do or say.

      He looked really nervous. Normally he's the one who is always pulled together. But now he just looks like a
      "Why don't you sit down?"
      "The cot won't bite you."
      "Ok," he gave a nervous chuckle.
      "So what did you need Leo?"
      "Well, uh...I don't know."
      "Well there has to be a reason why you came here."
      Damn, this was like pulling teeth. What was bothering him so much? If he keeps going on like this I might have
  to take drastic measures. Like maybe slapping him in the face and yelling at him to snap out of it.
      "Leo, talk to me."
      "It's about Rain."
      I raised an eye-ridge and looked at him questioningly.
      "Um... we kind of sneaked out last night and I took her to my quiet place."
      Both my eye-ridges were completely raised by now. Did I want to know where this was going? Wait, I should
  know better than to think that. Leo wouldn't do something like that behind Splinter's back.
      "So, what happened?"
      I cringed, that sort of came out wrong.
      "Well, we talked, then um…"
      "We confessed how we felt about one another."
      "Wait, what?"
      " see..."
      Ok this has gone far enough. I can't take this anymore.
      "Jesus Leo! Just spit it out would you!"
      "We're in love with each other and we kissed. Twice."
      "Now, was that so hard to do?"
      "So you guys are kind of a couple now?"
      "Well, I guess you could say that. We're not really going to make it public right now."
      "I understand that. Going to wait and see if it works out?"
      "Yea, but Donnie, even if it doesn't have a chance, I'll make it work, we'll both make it work. I love her too much
  to lose her."
      "Sounds serious."
      "It is..."
      "And what if it does work out? What are you going to tell Splinter? Better yet, when?"
      He was silent for a moment, just staring at the floor intently. Then he finally lifted his chin up and looked at me
  with a half raised brow.
      "If it works out then I will ask her to be my bride. And I will tell Splinter that I can not live with out her, and that I
  want him to be the one to wed our souls together."
      Wow, he even answered me in the same order I asked the questions. He's good.
      "Well it seems as though you have everything under control. I give you both my best wishes and hope the gods
  above will guide you along."
      "Thank you Donnie. That really means a lot to me, and Rain as well. Just knowing that I have your support in
  this, gives me more hope and confidence it will work."
      "Any time Leo. You know I'm here for you and you know you can come and talk to me whenever you need to,
      He gave me a small grin and nodded.
      "I do now."
      I laughed and wrapped my arm around his neck, giving him a noogie. Little brothers can be so cute at times.

Chapter 4
The April Files