Welcome to the Captain's Bedroom, where you will find all your adult-oriented TMNT stuff. Or, rather, all the adult-oriented TMNT stuff on my site. yeah... All it has for now is a few pics by Kyabetsu, but eventually it will have the NC-17 chapters of my stories up, and the abridged versions will be on the normal fanfic page. I don't want to alienate the non-slashers.

ANY-way, here's all there is to see, as of yet. Enjoy yourself!


Donnie and Pillow (Rated PG-13 for suggestiveness)
by TC
I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in the Bedroom, but I figured since he looks sorta like he just woke up and had an early morning session of... erm... breakfast... yeah, so I should post it here. Inspired by a publicity pic I saw of Lara Croft from TombRaider. I thought: that pose would look cute with a turtle!

Angelo and Donnie (rated R for dirty thoughts...)
by TC
Angelo sits on Donnie's shell and pulls off his mask. Donnie looks annoyed. There's nothing naughty showing, but I thought I should rate it R because you  can just tell what's about to happen.... heh heh heh...

Vespera (rated R for naughtiness)
KB:  i did a NICE piece of eye-candy for you today.  Vespera is a character in the Week from Hell thread.  She's Leo's girlfriend. And she's a stripper.... eh hem. VESPERA IS "AT WORK" IN THIS PICTURE. it's in very good taste.  she still has some panties on. DAMN TOASTY HOT, LITTLE SEX-POT... Leo's a LUCKY boy...
Splinter: Good Eye, Leonardo...
TC: *eyes bug out and face goes red* ahem, all embarassment aside, it looks a lot like those pin-ups from the forties and fifties. very cool style.

Splinter in the buff!! (Warning: Rated R for exposed rat... er... parts...)
KB: um. inspired by "RELAXATION".... thankyou SkC, i had no idead how funny rat nuts were... So, i can't begin to explain. yeah.  you better be legal to see this.
TC: hmm... I'm afraid of what'll come out if I begin to comment on this one... (must... get... mind... out of... the gutter!!)

Angelo and Donnie (Warning: Rated R for severe lacking in garments)
KB: So, drawing. Angelo of Tinselcat's MIDNIGHT SNACKS. the sexy, gay, sexy, exotic, sexy, uninhibited, sexy.... it's late.  i'm running out of sexy adjectives. and Donatello his SugarShell.
TC: you can target the blame toward me for this one. I begged KB to make a pic of Angelo and Donnie for me, and, to be quite honest, she did a great job! So, if you will please direct all torches and pitchforks toward yours truly, and all flowers toward Kyabetsu, we'll get along just fine.

Leo and Snake-Lady
KB: well... not THE FORBIDEEN DAH-NCE... but a forbideen dahnce none-the-less.  This is from SkeletonCrew's NC-17 Yumminess "Boy's Night Out"  Snake woman Gail Bares as much as she dares (in an R-rated kinda way) for a love-struck Leonardo...  heh. hide the children and the dog.
TC: havn't read the fic yet, but it looks like I'll have to do that! love the expression on Leo's face!

Mommy, make the scary cat stop!!