Age: 15-19 (depending on series)
Gender: Male
Dessert: Vanilla Pound Cake (No-frills, direct,  not so complicated or sweet to distract one from more practical issues.)
Magazine: Wired
Weapon: Bo staff
Character: The nerd, the smart one, the techie, all of these things describe our purple-mask wearing turtle-boy. He's the one who tweaks machines and customizes them. Although being the geek is what he's most known for, he's a great fighter, perhaps a bit more cautious than his brothers when launching himself into battle. He can be a goof, like Mikey, but his jokes tend to be on the brainier side. Aside from fiddling with computers and machines, he likes to skateboard and, in the first movie, dance to 'Tequila'.
Images: The name of the artist who drew the image is in parentheses.

Punch: A cool shot of Don's fist coming straight at the panel. (Chris Allan
Classic Pose: Don striking a pose for the cover of a comic. (Eastman and Laird)
Tinkering: Banging on metal... boy, that sounded dirty... (Jim Lawson)
Bossa Nova: Uh... Chevy Nova?... Nah... (Jim Lawson)
Standing: Sort of standing there, not doing much of anything. But on the plus side, it's in color! Hoooray! (Jim Lawson)
Fishing: Fishing, in an entirely different way. Sort of fish-surfing. (Rick Veitch)
Crouched: Donnie crouching on a buildingtop. From a pack of TMNT trading cards I found at a pharmacy over xmas break. I got some strange looks when I got overexcited about it.

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