Age: 15-19 (depending on series)
Gender: Male
Dessert: Multi-layer chocolate cake, with a raspberry layer and chocolate frosting, a la mode (No holds barred, the whole nine yards. Adheres to the theory that if you're gonna have dessert, you might as well do it with style.)
Magazine: Fine Cooking
Nunchaku ("nunchucks")
Character: Comedy relief is often the only way that Michaelangelo is seen, but he is, in fact, much more than that. He's a cook, too! All kidding aside, he's the lighthearted one, and tends to see the glass half full, even if there's nothing in it. Mike is often the one to get the group out of any emotional rut that they might be in, by acting as a mediator. It doesn't always work out, but he tries. He's also a poet, and can come up with a snappy response to just about anything. He doesn't really hide his emotions, if there's no cause for it, and will often treat a stressfull situation in a relaxed and even offhand manner. He doesn't delude himself, however, and can see any given situation with the gravity it has. He's the class clown, with hidden depths.
Images: Artists' names are in parentheses.

Dramatic Pose: Vogue, everyone! (Eastman and Laird)
How Domestic!: Mikey playing around with a stuffed triceratops toy. Awwww... (Jim Lawson)
Lounging: Sort of lounging and smiling for the camera. (Jim Lawson)
Oops: Falling from a crane and not looking happy about it. (Ken Mitchroney)
Blindsight: From a 2-part series of the same name, published by Archie. In it, Mike loses his sight from an explosion and is captured and tortured by an inquisitive scientist. (Chris Allen)

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