Age: 15-19 (depending on series)
Gender: Male
Dessert: Cherries Flambe (Spicy, hot, a little dangerous and daring. Pure flavor, without any unneccessary elements. Contains alcohol.)
Magazine: Maxim
Weapon: Sai (three-pronged daggers)
Character: Hot-headed and emotional, he's the one with clinical depression and anger issues. He's the loner, and relies on himself more than others. Although his solo outlook takes its toll, it also enables him to be independent, even though he doesn't always make the wisest of decisions (see the second movie...). He's impulsive, and this is the trait that gets him into trouble most often. He doesn't hesistate to walk into situations that are dangerous and obviously more than he can handle. In the first cartoon, he was just as much a wisecracker as mike, but his more consistent nature is rather sarcastic. He has a New York accent. He's easy to anger, and often seems not to care about his family, but will invariably come through for them when he's needed. He's the kid in school who hung out in front, smoking, and was constantly sent to the principal's office.
Images: Artists' names in parentheses.

Toothpick: Raph using his sai for an entirely un-ninja-like purpose.
Drainpipe: Clinging to a conveniently-located drainpipe. Those things are so damn useful. (Eastman and Laird)
Not Good: Raph's down for the count. This is how the issue ends, and I don't have the next one yet. Isn't that a bitch? (Jim Lawson)
Damn: Self-explanitory.
Bigfoot: Get it? Because he's fighting the foot? God, I crack myself up... Action sequence in a trenchcoat. (Jim Lawson)
Deflowered: Leo deflowers Raph. Literally... Yeah, I know I've got a sick mind, but really, this one just presented itself... (Ken Mitchroney)
Waterfall: Raph (nekkid) sort of striding out of a waterfall, much to his brothers' delight. (He was de-mutated earlier, and they weren't too happy about it.)
Twirling: Spinning his sai. This pic is from a set of trading cards I found at a pharmacy. Cool, huh?

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