Age: 30-50. Pretty much indeterminate.
Gender: Manly man
Magazine: The Economist, Immigration Times,
Weapon: his outfit
Character: He's the power-hungry uber-dictator in all of us. Other than that he kind of...lacks a personality. Actually, that's a lie. He's cold, cruel, greedy, ruthless, devious, skilled and a total sociopath. Ya gotta love 'im. In most instances, he's powerful and pretty much stoic in the emotions department, rarely allowing himself a little temper tantrum, where he destroys some property, and then feels a lot better. The exceptions would be the first cartoon and the Archie comic book series, both of which were pretty silly and oriented toward a much younger audience than the original comic and the movies. The plus side of the softer Shredder is that he can carry on quite a priceless argument with Krang. Seriously. They were like a married couple, no exaggeration.

Images: (Artist's name in parenthesis, unless it's from a cartoon)
Cover: The cover of the comic book adaptation of the first movie. (Jim Lawson)
Standing: Great pic for drawing reference, standing in full costume. (Jim Lawson)
Angry: Okay, so when is Shredder not angry? This is from the latest 'toon.
Angry again: Like I said, he's alwasy angry. But, ya gotta figure, anyone with helmet-hair as bad as his is bound to have a bad day.