Midnightmares: Epilogue


“uhh. . . sorceress?”
“I could still be human in that case.”
“oh. Umm. . . ooh, a demon!”
“god forbid!”
“I’d have the exact opposite problem if I was. I’ve got this friend in L.A. who’s a werewolf. She’s a model, has to shave her legs, like, every day.”
Mikey’s thumbs flew over the controllers, as his combatant on the screen delivered a hefty kick to Liz’s, “well, what’s left?”
Liz swore and countered with a blast from her combatant’s hands, “there’s lots left. You just have to know where to look for it.”
“K.O.!” the tv proclaimed, Liz’s combatant falling to the ground.
“dammit! You’re cheating!”
“am not! you just suck at Tekken!”
April rolled her eyes at the pair griping on the couch and walked into the kitchen where splinter and Leo sat with cups of tea. “I still don’t understand why they’re both being so ‘hush-hush’ about what went on in there. I mean, what could she have done that was so bad?”
“perhaps ‘badness’ was not the issue.” Said splinter, thoughtfully.
April raised an eyebrow curiously, but dropped the issue, sitting down opposite him. “well, Raph’s going to be alright in any case, right? I mean, we’re not looking at any reprecussions or anything?”
“doesn’t look like it.” said Leo, “it’s been a week and Liz came to check up on him. she hasn’t found anything wrong, so I guess we can assume that Amy is gone.”
“She’s so secretive, I’m surprised she came.”
“yeah. It’s getting her to leave that’s the trick. . .” grumbled Leo as another bout of shouting came from the living room.
April leaned back, raising her eyes to the ceiling, thoughtfully, “you know, looking back on the whole thing, you kinda have to feel sorry for her.”
“who? Liz?”
“no. Amy. She became what she did because her heart was broken. She needed this love from someone that she couldn’t have. Something like that could happen to anyone.”
“it is when obsession, despair and hatred fill the heart, and leave no more room for the love of other things, does one become a monster.” Said splinter, “her love became something else, which drove away all the other feelings.”
“do you think she’s at peace now?” asked Leo.
“none of us can know. It would be nice to think so, though. Perhaps, in finally being forced to accept her loss, she can move on to whatever lies beyond those things which tied her to this place.”
April pursed her lips. Leo nodded.
“so, where’s Raph then?”
Leo smiled, “catching up on some much-needed sleep.”