Notes: This is just a humorous conversation, akin to a great many I heard in high school. I was sitting in class one day, and I heard these two guys talking, and their conversation just struck me as funny, so I embellished it a bit, and added a bit more. I stumbled across it while looking through some old poems of mine. I believe I wrote this one in '98 or '99.


-are we going to be here the whole period?
-the whole period?
-are we going to be here?
-you are here.
-I know.
-then what was the question?
-the class period...
-will we be here the whole time?
-what period?
-this period.
-what class is this?
-well what?
-well, will we?
-will we what?
-be here the whole period?
-how the hell should I know? Ask someone else.

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