Overt Originality

So, all the pics here have at least one original character in it. Not all of the OCs in these pics are mine, and credit is given accordingly. The pics may be from fics, or just drawings I made in order to amuse myself. So, take a look! Note: Not all of the cat characters you encounter will appear in my upcoming fanfic. I edited my idea a lot to make it less complicated. The only cat that made the cut was the one with shoulder-length hair, named Bottecelli for now..

Sketches 1: Just some original and non-original characters, including Angelo (of Midnight Snacks), Donnie wearing glasses, a couple cat characters (Botacelli and Medici), Donnie after having blown something up, Raph polishing his sai, etc.
Sketches 2: Raph and Medici, not having a very good time, Botacelli Baywatch style, and a turtle in a hat and trenchcoat, the image we all know so well...
Azure and "archeangel Michael": I got a really cool image in my head from this part of Azure Turtle's story, as to how Azure would be seeing Mikey for that first time. The character Azure belongs to Azure Turtle. Great author. Read his stuff at his webpage or ff.net.
Kali and Tinselcat Make Azure Blush: Making Azure blush is a big thing at the t-drome, especially for rabid fangirls (yours truly included). well, when I was still a ripe young member, Kali was mentioning that it was fun to make AT blush. So I followed in her lead. Thus is the result... Kali belongs to Kali Gargoyle, another great author with stuff at ff.net
B+W Splinter-hos: by now you've probably heard about Pimp-Daddy Splinter and his Whores. Well, this is the black and white version of a pic of the group. the colored version is coming up. Spiraling clockwise from Kyabetsu (the playboy bunny) is Skeletoncrew (with straight hair), Kali Gargoyle, Yours Truly, Machias Banshee and PD Splinter himself. Costume credits for TC, Kali and MB go to Kali.
Donnie and Angelo: Slashy! Angelo taps Donnie on the nose. Donnie really doesn't know what the hell to think. From "Midnight Snacks".
Donnie, Angelo, Liz and Rhazar: Includes Angelo kissing Donnie, the same couple cuddling, a quick sketch of Liz and a character appearing in an upcoming fic: my version of Rhazar from the second movie. 'what?' you ask. hint: he's not as ugly.
HorseTurtle and Azure Turtle: A sketch of Azure as he appears in an upcoming pic, and a sketch of HT as I see the character. HT belongs to herself.
Leo and Bottacelli: Actually, her name might be Medici, I'm not sure. Meh. Whatever. Leo and a cat-lady, back-to-back in battle. 
Azure on a camel: That's what it says. It's just a conception sketch for a pic that I'm still working on.
Horseturtle: That's what it says. A quick sketch of my impression of Horseturtle. Yup. That's what it is.
Cat Lady: Okay, so this is a character that will appear in an upcoming fic, but I haven't figured out her name yet. So for now, she's just Cat Lady.
Splinter-hos in Color!: The finished Splinterho pic! All colored and pretty. For character IDs, see the text for B+W Splinter-hos *points up*.
Kali Gargoyle: My interpretation of KG. Sort of a gothic-type thingy. Yeah.
HorseTurtle: HT in a more dynamic pose than that other pic.
Midnight Snacks: This is the "cover" for Midnight Snacks. This is the larger version without the little catchphrase. The final version is posted on the fanfic page. One of my suitemates said it was, quote, "hot." I guess I'm doing something right, then!
Angelo and Donnie: a somewhat steamy pic of Angelo about to bite Donnie's neck. Also posted in Midnight Snacks. This is the bigger version.
Donatello and blood: Sort of an angsty picture, also created for Midnight Snacks and posted there. Donatello sitting in a pool of blood with wounds in his hand and feet. No, the connection to religious imagery isn't a coincidence. The psycho crazy guy in Midnight Snacks had a thing for religion, so I figured it'd be fitting and kinda dark and stuff.
Donnie With Glasses: I was wondering what my favorite nerd would look like with the classic nerd accessory. Mike playing with an OC in the background.
Raph Fighting: A pic of Raph battling an OC from an upcoming fic. Kind of an experimentation with perspective.
Romantic Mike: Mike doing some sort of classy tango with a cat-lady. Rabid fangirls can insert yourself in her place.
Rhazar: a portrait of my version of this character, who will appear in my next fic.
Midnight Snacks rough draft: just what the title says. This is the first draft of the Midnight Snacks "cover".


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