Totally Turtles

This is the home for pics that involve only characters from the original series, comics and movies. (aka: no original characters)
April: Just a sketch I did after reading the Archie April mini series. I think she has major kick-ass potential.
Baby Turtles: I just had this image in my mind of Splinter reading to the baby turtles. Yeah, I know it's cutsy.
Splinter: Just a quick, messy sketch of Splinter I did while surfing tmnt sites online.
Sketches 3: just some quick sketches of finished art I'll probably do later on, including Mikey and Klunk, and a turtle sort of in shadow. The third one is a picture I'm planning on doing as a remembrance to 9/11: one of the turtles wrapped in an american flag.
Donnie: Donnie in a classic position: twirling his bo.
Leo: Leo doing the katana thang.
Sketches 4: a turtle with bunny ears and Raph being himself.
Sketches 5: A few sketches I made while reading that humorous tmnt comic strip. I'm not crazy about any of the sketches except the turtle going "eeeek".  For some reason, I really like that turtle. Okay, so an O.C. makes an appearance. I don't really like the sketch of her anyway, so it doesn't count. so there!
April and Raph: Kinda old, but it's colored, and a fun pic, so I decided to stick it in. April and Raph compare hats.
Donnie tinkering with something: Donnie, doing what he does best. sorry about the yellow stripe in there, my scanner has issues.
Donnie Swimming: Donnie doing some sort of covert-underwater-type-thingy. I dunno. This one has a nice underwater feel to it.
Kawaii Turtles: Don't ask me where this one came from, I have no idea. It's funny, though!
Mideval Leo: A pic of Leo as some sort of mideval Lord type guy. Cool outfit.
Leonardo: Leo just sort of being himself, waving around his katana. Battle stance sort of thing. I don't know. It's a colored version of the Leo pic abov *points up*.
Turtle Wax: Don't ask me where this came from. I couldn't say. I'm not even sure I want to know.
Donnie Twirling His Bo, in color: Same as the other pic above, but colored in the computer.
Raver Raph: I was listening to Prodigy one night and this image of Raph at a rave just entered my head. Warning: He's got haaaaiiir!!
Irma 2000: Call me persnickity but I don't think April's Gal Friday gets enough credit. What to do? Bring 'er back into the action! I think her character would work better as a tech person than a secretary. That way, she's more likely to get involved in the field like she did in the cartoon. So, without further ado, here's Irma updated for the 21st century!
Turtlewings: no, it isn't some new appetizer from Chili's. I like boys with wings. I like TMNT. I put them together.
Turtle minus belt: ever notice how they look naked without their belts. Well, I'm simply addressing the issue.
Four turtles: all four of our favorite green guys. This pic is pretty old. I was still developing my style when I cranked out this one. I still am. There's some crap on the other side of the paper, which is where those wierd lines come from.
Leo and Tokka: a pretty violent pic of Tokka... sort of... biting Leo's shoulder. A scene from an upcoming fic. Leo lovers: please don't hurt me.
Leonardo as a Samurai: Blame my Asian Art History class and the ensuing books I got out of the library for a month. And the article in National Geographic about the Samurai. I think of all the turtles, Leonardo fits that "Samurai Ideal" the most. He's very moral and upstanding. That's what we love about him. Background inspired from a water depiction on a chinese porcelain bowl.
Raphael as Samurai: I think Raphael has Samurai potential, but he'd probably be a Ronin, and be the whole wandering-vigilante type. That's a shirt coming out of his pants. I've got some sort of perverted obsession with half-dressed turtles. Nothing new.
Donatello as a Kabuki Actor: Donnie flipping around wearing an elaborite kimono that might have been worn by a Kabuki actor in 18th or 19th century Japan.
Michaelangelo as Noh Actor: So, here's Mikey in a costume that a Noh actor might have worn in Japan. Minus the mask. Those are friggin' CREEPY!!
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