Chris Allan

Chris Allan
Archie Adventure Series

Mr. Allan is another favorite of mine. I tend to prefer the Mirage artists rather than the Archie, but for some reason, this guy’s work just engages me. His style is distinctly cartoon-y, but in the one comic illustrated by him that I have, he manages to handle well a rather dark situation. (As an interesting note, the comic from the Archie series that these images are from is number 59, and it seems that since the earlier Archie TMNT series, they’ve broken out of the shackles of trying to please everyone, and allowed for more serious and involved plots. Still maintaining the humor, though. Good stuff. Commendations from space to you guys!)
    If there’s one thing about this artist’s work that I think he could improve upon, it would be paneling. Although the story is able to keep itself engaging without the aid of creative paneling, I think some exploration and experimentation in that could make his work that much more interesting. Even if it were just small things, like parts of an object sneaking out of the bounds of the box, or a layout that encourages the eye to move around a bit more: maybe some vertically aligned panels.
    Overall, I really like this guy’s work.

Okay, I just gotta point out that Chris Allan's Donnie is mega-sexy! Woo Hoo!!

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