Before you lauch right in to these reviews, let me state that these are my opinions. I am not basing my reviews on any proffesionnal experience in comic book illustration, or any instruction on how to illustrate comic books. Or how to illustrate anything for that matter. I base my reviews on my own observations of different comics, and my own experimentation with comic illustration. Once again I state that these are my opinions. If you disagree with anything I state, that is your right and I have no problem with that. Feel free to email me if you'd like to debate any point that I've made. If you're so inclined, go ahead and email me your own reviews, thoughts, opinions, etc., and I'll post them along with my own. If there's an artist that you would like to review that you don't see here, send me the pics and the text and I'll stick it up. Same goes if you would like me to review anything, even your own fanwork.

All these images I have scanned myself. I do not own any of the artwork or characters portrayed within. Credit for all artwork goes to the corresponding artist. Ownership goes to the corresponding company. Any questions? Email me at

Peter Laird

Frank Fosco

Jim Lawson

Craig Farley

Mark Bode

Bob Fingerman

G. Ho

  Ken Mitchroney

 Rick Vietch

Chris Allan

Michael Zulli

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