Mark Bode

Mark Bode
Mirage Publishing

From what I can tell from this one comic, Mark Bode is one of those writers and artists who sees the TMNT and has a helluva good time with it! (See "Ninja Wacky Face Attack") He makes fun of the genre while adding to it. It’s very entertaining.
    His turtles are kind of chunky, with a lot of horizontal planes, but nonetheless, fun to look at. They always seem to have the classic “bared teeth” expression that has become a turtle trademark, in my opinion.
    One of the most interesting things about his artwork is his paneling and dialogue-bubble techniques. Instead of having the dialogue within the panel, he keeps and open space between panels to locate the dialogue, thus freeing up all the space within the panel for artwork. It’s an affective technique, which might not work for some artists, but Mr. Bode seems able to fill all the panels in, not leaving any space blank or boring.

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