Heed My Warning, Mortal!!!

The following page, The Bedroom, should not be viewed by non-adults. This means if
 you are under 18, or not of legal adult age in your state/country, please do not view this
page. I realize that this warning will not put off some people, so I will say that any
offenses taken as a result of viewing this page are purely the fault of the viewer, and the
viewer is soley responsible for any consequences therien. To paraphrase: if you don't like the page, don't come whining to me, it's your own damn fault. If you have read this
 warning thoroughly and completely, click the word 'Warning' on the title, and it will bring
  you to the bedroom. If you have not read this warning thoroughly and completely, you
will click 'enter' and feel like a dumbass. Ha.


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