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As stated above, this gallery includes everything else that our talented artist has sent to me. except for the naughty stuff, which resides in the Bedroom. This includes funny pics from forum conversations, and other such randomness. let it abound!
Leo in Wonderland
KB: Vchan and i were discussing Leo's tendency to Meditate.  ... we figure, he's got somethin' else going on there... so here's Leo in Wonderland AND in drag... the gold dragon is his subconsciousness; we established that leo's superego is a chain smoking mythical serpent somewhere in the RP thread.  and of course no Wonderland scene is complete without the Cheshire Rat over Leo's shoulder there.
TC: whoooooaaaa... trippy... I think I need to go lie down...

Machias Banshee: Schoolgirl Style
KB: Ok, so Machias (the RP character AND the forum inhabitant of the same name) likes to play INNOCENT.  but I personally think that the whole CHARADE is wearing thin.  LOL.  SPLINTER knows better by now, no matter HOW CUTE AND SWEET AND CHILDLIKE she tries to be. here she is: bandaids, lunchbox, pigtails and all... She's so CUTE.  too bad she's not fooling anybody...
TC: I still haven't forgiven that lizard for the beating she gave me during that whole "Midnightmares" fiasco!! Do you realize how long it took me to get the swelling to go down!? I still haven't heard the last of it from the ship's primary computer system!!

Kali Gargoyle
KB: milky skin,  ebony wings, and a dress that spills around her like a puddle of blood...
TC: wow... just... wow...

Donnie the Pole Dancer
KB: ....ok LOL, here's Donnie dancing on his bo staff.  (no silk scarves necessary -- but the leather-gear is ALWAYS nice, isn't it ladies?) Remember that tipping IS customary.
TC: *attacks Donnie with a flying glomp* YEEEEEEEE!! C'mere, hot tamale! Aichiwawa, hootchiemama, that boy is HOT HOT HOT!!
Donnie: Please god, not again!!

Chibi Splinter
KB:hehe this one was inspired by a thread from the technodrome forum.  somebody (enigma's relative?) turned Splinter into a two yr old with a magic spell gone wrong.  the guys feed him toast at one point.  I had to draw it... he's SOOOO PRECIOUS!!!!!
TC: EEEEEEEEEK!! *glomps splinter and cuddles him mercilessly*

KB's Avatar
KB: hello, I drew a little Mikey-Mike.  I wanna use him for my Technodrome forum avatar.  He has to be online somewhere.
TC:*continues chasing Splinter, completely oblivious*

Machias Banshee
KB:so she said I could, so I did.  and i'm very pleased with my first
 human-velociraptor hybrid... :)
TC: oh, is it my turn now?
Splinter: *runs away while TC's distracted*
TC:okay, this pic is just amazing! there's nothing else to be said, it's just... wow... and if I ever catch up with you, Machias, yer're gonna get it, mark my words!! douse me with cold water, will she? *grumble, growl*

Raph the Menace
KB: Raph is Dennis the Menace... (as determined in the "week from hell" thread.)
TC: You know, that makes sense...

Leo the Soda-Jerk
KB: LEO is the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SODA-JERK...(as determined in the "week from hell" thread.)
TC: It's strange, but looking at this pic... you either want to hug him or slap him...

Donnie the soap-box racer
KB: Donatello is the BOY SCOUT SOAP BOX DERBY RACER... (as determined in the "week from hell" thread.)
TC: oh... I get it... Boy... Scout... He scouts boys! BWA HA HA HA HAAAA *gets hit in the face with a wet fish*

Annual Fanfiction Awards "Photo"
KB: hey!! just got 'em "developed" my scanner hates me, so this first one is the best "panorama" one there is.
TC: you make us look like a bunch of rowdy, disorganized asylum-inmates! oh... wait...

Running Chibis!
KB: (TC: eeeer... I sort of accidentaly deleted the email with KB's comments for this one. sorr-ee! KB, email me your comments again and I'll be sure to post 'em)
TC: ahem. yes, well, that's that. what to say about this one... aw hell, you just have to look at it to understand!

Azure Torment!!
KB: azure, you are far too fun, you know that? but anyways... I always loved playing 'dress-up' as a young girl....
TC: WAA HA HA HAAAA!! Azure after being mobbed by rabid fangirls...

Donnie and KB
KB: so it started with an experiment in facial expression amongst "Cryptodira Sapiens" and ended up being a rough, poorly drawn, black and white number that I thought was quite funny.  Donnie's a cutie when he make the "kermit" face.
TC: aaawwww... Donnie's cute no matter what face he's using! which is good, because he probably finds himself exasperated a lot of the time.

Splinter and his Hos hit the road!
KB:So I drew my version of the thread's Splinter and his ladies.  They've kidnapped Azure, and are driving off to Vegas or Maimi or some other place with booze, gambling, and picturesque bodies of water.  Lol.  So going clockwise around the cadillac starting at Splinter there's Azure, Machias Banshee, TinselCat, Kyabetsu, SkeletonCrew, and Kali Gargoyle.
TC: Lock up your husbands, ladies!! The P-Daddy Splinter posse is hittin' the town!

KB: (lost the comments. big surprise there. yes, I am a dumbass)
TC: YEAH BABY!! I'm RACKED!! who hooo!

Tubby Time
KB: (see above)
TC: this one's even cuter than the other one!! gotta check it out!!

Pimpette MB
KB:BOO-YAH baby!! It's PIMPETTE MACHIAS B with tonight's 'BLUE PLATE' SPECIAL. It's a SWEET'n'SPICY lil' DISH we call an AZURE APHRODISIAC. YUMMY YUMMY. (you got chocolate?  I got AZURE!!!)
TC: ooooh... ok, Kyabetsu has officially surpassed myself, MB, Kali, and Skeletoncrew in evilness. She is the supreme evil on this webpage. no other evil comes close, trust me.

Chibi Azure
KB: I worry that you may have confused me for someone else.  I'm not the Prince of Darkness.  or the Prince of England.  or even Prince Albert in a Can. I can do sweet, innocent pictures.  I can do sweet characters.... So yes, Virgina/Azure there IS a Santa Claus.  Here's the NON-mocking picture you requested. Azure just being Happy:  MANGO DANCE
TC: nya, I still say she's Prince Albert in a can. Can't pull one over on this spacecat, no sirree!!

Umm... I don't know how to title this one...
KB: HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY ~~* FROLIC MY TURLTES *~~ cheer up,you opressed bastards.  ;P I hereby decree that life should suck up to 50% less for you today.
TC: okaaay, well, ahem, I'm not quite sure where to start... well, it's a surefire antidote to the last pic, that's for sure. Kind of frightening at the same time... yeah, this is another one that you'll just have to see for yourselves, don't take my word for it. um, whatever word I may have used... gaw...

(Comic Strip) Raph's Vocab Lesson
KB: ok... in all fairness, the punchline is NOT MINE.  I owe a great deal to the MASTERFUL Bill Watterson, the creator and GOD of "Calvin and Hobbes." i just couldn't resist putting lil' Raph in Calvin's Shoes.... so to speak.
TC: *too busy falling out of chair in laughter to say anything*

What happens when you stick the TMNT characters in the Dryer
KB: no rats were harmed in the making of the drawing. ...but Leo did a number on my ankles...the little bugger

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