Okay, so Kyabetsu is a friend I met through mutual authorship and readership at fanfiction.net. (if you havn't read her Fairy Tales series, go read it now!! it's the funniest damn thing I've ever read!!)

She's an amazing artist. Her pictures hold a lot of detail, hanging on to the 'turtle element' of the characters without losing that element of humanity and emotion that they have, and I find that to be a truly hard thing to do. So, take a look at what's here so far, more is always forthcoming!!

Note:KB= Kyabetsu, indicates her comments.
TC= me, Tinselcat, and my comments. Yeah, I know I ripped of Azure, but it's a dang good idea for presenting artwork. If he's mad at me, he can squash me with a pyramid, I don't mind.

Note: KB does a lot of art, so in order to keep the gallery from getting waaay too full and confusing, I've divided it up into two galleries:


Back to the (you guessed it, gumshoes,) Cockpit!! How Exciting!!