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RPG and Fanfic Related Art

So, here's all KB's stuff that comes from either forum role-playing games or fanfic. Many pics include original characters, so if you're confused, just ask the awe-inspiring KB about it, and she'll clear the matter right up. so, without further ado, I give you... PRETTY PICTURES!!

KB:Cabbage from "Hanami" Chapter 35 she's just finished sewing up her sister's face, she's outside and cold, but Leonardo (<3!) just brought her a blanket.  she's got dimples. lol. 'dimples' is a funny word. dimp dimp dimp dimp dimple....
TC:*in awe* oooooooh... pretty...

KB:Here's Pipes.  She's looking a bit skinny right now, but she's drinking milk and one day... ha ha no wait, lemme try that again.  She's looking a bit skeletal right now, but big brother Mike'll fix that in no time. ("Com'mon, dudette, I made my infamous, double-decker, pie-in-the-sky, deep-dish pizza with extra *EVERYTHING*.")
TC:*falls down on the floor, face-first in shameless KB worship*

Mikey (Age 3)
KB: so here's Mikey at age three.  He's still sick. :(  but Donnie let him wear the hat. :)  (what a good brother!).  [NNLand Chap.5
TC:*sqeals* AAAAAAAAWWWWW!!! just wanna hug 'im!! *glomps mikey* SOOO KYOOOOT!!
Mike:GAAAAH!! HAAAAAALP!! she's cutting... off... air... supply...
TC:*giggles insanely*

Donnie (Age 3)
KB:Donnie with hat: Sad cause he can't stop his brothers from fighting and messing up the play.  And because his hat keeps falling down.
TC:*lets go of Mike*
TC:*glomps donnie* you always are the cute one!! EEEEEEEEK!! *chases donnie around, sqealing and waving arms*
Donnie: Why me?

KB:so don't ask me how, but it went from being the cutest little raphaelito on the face of the planet to being one of the more depressing drawings i've ever done. but for what it's worth, it's a good drawing.  And I'm damn proud of it.  Ah, even though it makes me want to cry.  oh god... i tan't cope.  I've gotta go paint my fingers black, dip my head in eyeliner, cover my windows in tinfoil and cut some holes in my tights.... (goth goth goth goth goth...... into the distance.)
TC: *sniff, sniff* WAAAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!! *sob* I havn't even read the friggin' story, and this drawing made me sad! *sniffs and grabs the  eyeliner from KB, dousing head*

Flirty Cabbage!
KB: LOL! so this next one doesn't appear in any of the STORIES I've written... yet. ;P!  it's just the funny scene I WOULD HAVE put in my story if it would have made any sense at all.  For the sake of continuity, I restrained myself.  It's
 all in the wording.  (you're a gentleman, aren't you?  Versus: ~*ARE*~ you a gentleman?)  wah ha ha hee hee.  When I picture the fairy tale stuff
 illustrated, this is the style I see it in.  but that's a project for another
TC: oooooh... naughty... (yes, I have a one-track mind. No, there's nothing I can do about it.)

Kyabetsu's RPG character
KB:'s bothered me for a while now, that I've drawn everyone else's RPG character, but i'd yet to draw my own. SERIOUSLY DRAW my own. So.  THIS IS NOT a self-portrait.  I have no black eye.  I'm not that malnourished-14-year-old looking.  I don't wear leggings, (not unless I REALLY need to do laundry.)  but the rest of it is a pretty good match.
but yeah... this is the Kyabetsu from Machias' Punishment thread.
TC: KB proves once again to be a versitile artist. She can draw interesting humans as well as mutants. NOT FAIR!! *throws tantrum*

Kameko and Leonardo as kids
KB: "I've drawn everyone else's RPG character",apparently, this is contraversial statement... LOLOLOL!!!  so here's Kameko and Leo as wee tots. WHA haha ahahaha you asked for it Kamita.  :P
TC: *takes one look, and goes back to throwing tantrum* um, temper tantrums aside, this pic is really cute! i love pics of the turtles, etc. as little kids!

RPG KB scarred
KB:OK....y'all all know that I RPG an abused character.  That's a bit morbid; I'm sure my shrink would have a hey-day with that.  However, .... I've been drawing... and well, it's natural to draw your own characters, right?.... so It' NOT PRETTY. IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU SMILE. I DON'T KNOW IF YOUR OPINION OF ME AS A GOOD AMERICAN/PERSON OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY WILL DROP BECAUSE OF THIS. Please don't be upset.  That's not the intent.  If you'd rather never receive any of my ~*DARK*~ works ever again, tell me and I'll never email it to you again.  Promise.  No hard feelings. Some days I hate stuff like this too.  Some days I draw it.  Go figure. So... Kya in her bathing suit.  at no particular point in the story... just because I don't think I could describe what I want the Gang to be coping with.
TC: everyone has their darker sides and moments, and one of the best ways of expressing this is through drawings and art. Not all the art I do is fun and happy, either. Sometimes we've got these emotions that need to be let out, and drawing is actually a very healthy way of doing that. this is a very moving pic, very sad.

Donnie puts KB to bed
KB: so here's Donnie putting Kya to bed... she'd just pooped-out right in the kitchen, and he has no clue what to do about the warm fuzzies in his
turtle-tummy... LOL it's ok Don-kun... we won't tell're twitter-pated!! LOL
TC: I'm being assailed by cuteness! Make it stop, make it stop!! *huddles in corner*

Kali (my char. from Midnight Snacks)
KB: so tinselcat asked me for something and i said SURE and went to draw it and got something else
 ....freaky little hands... big eyes... oooo... shiver
TC: lovin' it!! This pic really conveys the sense of wierdness and creepy-ness that I was trying to achieve with this character. She's my all purpose creepy-kid. Thanks KB!! (oh yeah, the drawing I asked for was of Donnie and Angelo, but I'm still just as pleased with this one!!)

KB with Plushie. Warning: cuuuuute!
KB: MY CHARACTER (not me, my pjs are SO not that cool)stretches with her plushie on her knee... *yawn*... Good Morning, Bright Eyes.
 (as a side note, I am most proud of her feet.)[as an orthoganel note, with her hair like that, she looks like CindyLu Who, doesn't she?! awwww...]
TC: *rubbes temples* if this cuteness keeps up any longer, I'm gonna have to go blow something up to compensate!! hmmm... how about Brittany Spears?

Gypsy Girl (B+W)
KB: so what do gypsies have to do with the TMNT? NOTHING!! but hear me out. ok...  weird dream about pole dancing with a bo staff.... i was pretty sure it was my char. Kya.... or Don.  (more about don later.)  so later when i'm
  awake, i'm laughing it up with my thread-buddies and i decide that my char.  (*whose's got a thing for don, but she's shy so god only knows when she'll SAY anything, let alone ACT on it*) needs to be drawn POLE DANCING WITH Don's Bo....
ok some problems:
  ~ she's a rail.  Board girl... not sexy shaped at all.
  ~ she's the same girl from that SCARS picture... her skin just AIN't
 HENCE: the gypsy gear!!! silk scarves make ANYTHING (*ok, almost anything*) sexy. YAAAY OPACITY!!!
TC: I suppose this is the part where I mention something about the "dance of the seven veils". Don't know what that is? Let's just say, it's a sexy belly dance, which is all about the veils... ahem... coming off...

Gypsy Girl (Colored)

Kya's Hiding Place
KB: I drew out Kya's hiding place.  The thread gets a bit too loud for her from time to time,  so i gave her a quiet spot where she could meditate/contemplate/catch a NAP... without anyone bothering her.  off one of the many branches in the the back cavern, there is a fissure in the rocks...
TC: This pic is just gorgeous! The lighting effects are great, and it has a very warm and secluded feel, that "special place" feel... *sigh*...

KB: portrait of Kameko, Kameko's RP character. i bow before the powerful and great creator of Ranma 1/2, Rumiko Takahashi.  you
  will note her influence in this work.  LOL.... Kameko the annoying and unstoppable younger sister!!  (arise oh younger sisters of the nation... god hath delivered you a Queen.  Queen Kameko says. "NEENER NEENER!!")
TC: oh my gawd, i LOOOOOVE Ranma 1/2! this pic is so cool!

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