The TMNT (movie) Drinking Game

Okay, I'm not a big expert on the cartoon TMNT, I haven't seen all that many episodes, but I think I have the know-how to devise a drinking game based on the movie. And it can be just as fun with virgin daqueris as beers, so remember to drink responsibly! No one needs a stellar space-crash because some foolish captain was drinking and flying! ANY-way, heeeere it is, best carried out during a TMNT marathon.

Take a sip whenever:

  • Raph loses his temper (includes yelling, whining, kicking stuff, etc.)
  • Splinter says "my son/sons"
  • April screams (works best during the first and third movies)
  • Donnie says something mechanically oriented that no one else understands
  • Mikey says "dude"
  • Leo's voice cracks
  • For each foot soldier that gets his ass kicked in under three moves
  • Tatsu grunts wordlessly
  • Leo and Raph get into an argument

Take a gulp whenever:

  • A turtle says "babe"
  • Splinter is baffled by something (especially if he does that funny "mm?" thing)
  • Tatsu speaks (grunts don't count)
  • Splinter does/says something completely unexpected (ex: "dude", "cowabunga", etc.)
  • Raph throws something during a temper tantrum
  • Donnie is puzzled by something
  • The turtles, for some reason or another, end up in a pile.
  • Any main character dances
  • Casey says something intelligent
  • Casey does something intelligent

Got something to add to the TMNT movie drinking game? Email me and I'll stick it in!

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