Welcome to the ship's lounge, where space travellers and esteemed guests go to relax, throw back a couple Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters and wind down from a busy day of trying to take over the planet, avoiding the Intergalactic Police Department, etc. (heh... not that I'm wanted by the I.P.D., mind you, that was... er... just an example! Yeah! An example!)

Anyway, pick your poison, take a seat and enjoy your evening!The Spaceball game of Venus versus the Reticulans will be showing at 6:00! Bring your pennants!

  • The TMNT Drinking Game
  • Artwork: This is what happens when Tinselcat gets her grubby claws on a Cosmo makeover CD for five bucks. Honorary enemies of TC beware: Thou art doomed to be... MADE-OVER!!

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