A lot of my poetry is rather depressing. I find it therapeautic to write poetry when I'm angry or frustrated, so a lot comes out like that. This is not one of those. This is probably unique among my poems in that it speaks of something specific, and also ends on a hopeful note. I originally wrote this poem about a character of mine (non-tmnt related), and her struggle out of her own personal darkness. I think it can be appreciated by a wider audience, though, so I've decided to share it.
She Fell in Love

A knife slashed the stone,
Light shining through the tear.
She kept it.
We're proud of ya, kid.
You're strong now.
Under the light of different stars,
She fell in love.
You're learning kid.
You know.
You know the only thing you need to.
You know how to catch fireflies.
You know how to eat a flower.
She says with shining eyes,
She saw things now,
It's clear.
She smiles to her soup,
And in the cool of crystal,
She fell in love.

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