I like poetry. I like to write it and read it. Not on a regular basis, but sometimes I get siezed by inspiration, and I gotta write. Sort of like when I write fanfic. Inspiration hits and before ya know it, I'm pumping out words like it ain't no thang. I've decided to post some of my favorite poems, of the ones I've come across, in case you're at all interested in poetry and also, against my better judgement, some of mine. Simply put, my poetry sucks, but I've got this overwhelming urge to express myself, so I have to do it somehow, right? So, buckle your seatbelts and dive in!
    Got some poetry that you've written that you'd like to share? Email me, and I'll post it!! (tell me I'm not the only nerd here...)

Poetry by Yours Truly:

Poetry by published poets:
Diana, Rather!

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