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Back to the only air that cures
A desperate sickness such as yours
Go quickly now, no longer spread
This mortal malady abroad
Or menace those who would be well
With dark nostalgia of the soul

Cuttin the waves and clouds that come
You turn toward morning and toward home
Where olive air will touch your skin
And feel the happy blood begin.
Go quickly now and without fear,
Leaving the awful knowledge here.
            -The Exile, by Louise Townsend Nicholl

Midnight Snacks: Chapter 4: Dreamscapes and Nightmares

The figure in the black trenchcoat crouched on the edge of the building, absorbing the lights and sounds that lay beneath him. The cars were shooting stars of red and white, beeping to each other against the endless sky of cement and concrete. The people were mere specks of space dust, the neon signs presenting glowing nebulas dispersed in the universe that was New York City at night.

He inhaled it all in like nourishment. It filled him to the brim. There was so much life, so many souls, they filled the air, making it heavy with their scent. So much blood, sweet blood. The city was so big, much bigger than Boston. It was a table, laden with a grand feast, all for him.

A vision loomed in the darkness in front of him. No, not all for him. *Angelo…* the name sizzled through his mind. Angelo… he would claim this glory for himself. Of course, it all had to belong to him, didn’t it? He could take anything, couldn’t he? The bastard… he could just see Angelo’s face, his expression a smug smile, one which the stranger trembled with an urge to rip from his face. Joking, jesting Anglo, playing the game, but insuring that *he* came out on top.

*Not this time.* he thought. *this time the joke’s on you. We’re playing my game now, and we’re playing by my rules.* the mysterious man grinned in the darkness, imagining a startled look of dismay on Angelo’s familiar face, *we’ll see who wins. We’ll see how suave you are when your world crashes down around your ears, and you’re left with nothing. Nothing… but me*

He gave the passive silver moon the finger before uttering a chilling cackle and leaping from the rooftop into the open air.


“Why do *I* have to go talk to him?”

“you’re the only one who knows where to find him.”

“besides, it only makes sense. After all, he’s *your* boyfriend!”

“He is *NOT* my boyfriend!”

“yeah, cut Donnie a break, mike.” Said Leo. However, he gave Donnie a sidelong glance which implied that he believed Mikey’s conclusion was not entirely incorrect.

“but why do I have to go by myself?” Donnie whined uncharacteristically as Leo handed him his belt and bo.

“the guy’s a freak, Donnie.” Said Raph as he tied on his red bandanna, “*I’m* going to avoid being near him as much as possible!”

“ha!” said Mikey, thrusting his nunchucks into his belt, “listen to the pot calling the kettle ‘black’. Or rather, the oversized mutant turtle calling the vampire ‘freak’.”

“you know we wouldn’t ask you to go see him alone if we didn’t think it was a good idea to patrol tonight. If this guy is right, we might be needed out there tonight.” Leo tied on his mask and handed Donnie’s to him, “however,” he said quietly, “if you really feel uncomfortable or unsafe, I’ll go with- “

“that’s all right, Leo.” Mumbled Donnie, avoiding his brother’s eyes as he took his mask, “I should talk to him anyway, about… stuff. Thanks anyway.”

“you sure you’ll be all right?” Leo began to worry, still unconvinced of Donnie’s claim that his and Angelo’s little “interaction” had been 100% voluntary.

“yeah, I’ll be fine.” Donnie tied on his mask and raised his head to meet Leo’s eyes. He gave a weak, but reassuring smile, “hey, I almost forgot. I finally finished those long-range walkie-talkies. I only have two, but they should be working.” He went to his worktable and grabbed the two walkie- talkies on it. he tossed one to Leo, and made to give the other to Mikey.

“hang on to one yourself. We’ll probably stay in the same area, so we won’t need it.”

Donnie nodded and stuck it in a pouch on his shoulder strap.

Ten minutes later he was running the fire escapes and building-tops, taking care to remain unseen in the well-lit area of New York’s upper-class residence area. he finally located Angelo’s building and secured a grappling-hook to the edge of the roof. He slid down the rope, staying just out of the various portions of light which the balconies cast on the side of the building. He counted down from the top, remembering the floor which Angelo’s apartment was on. He found the correct balcony and swung easily over the railing. He peered in the window and saw that the familiar bedroom was lit only by the christmas lights strung across the ceiling and hanging down the walls, providing a light which softened the edges of objects and cast a calm atmosphere. He put his hand on the doorknob and found the french doors unlocked. He quietly opened it and stepped inside. The room smelled of roses.

No sooner had he closed the door behind him than a pair of strong hands latched onto his shoulders, spun him about, and his lips were suddenly engulfed by ones which were soft and inviting. He made a small, half- hearted sound of protest as his bo was drawn from its sheath and dropped on the floor. The feverish kisses traveled down the side of his face to his neck. He staggered backwards, suddenly aware that he was clinging desperately to his assailant. The backs of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell onto his shell, the familiar hands continuing to explore once more the various curves and edges of his body.

Angelo finally sat up and rolled off of Donnie, letting the turtle sit up.

“glad to know you’re happy to see me.” he said hoarsely.

“glad? *glad?!*” Angelo shook his head and smiled, bringing up a hand to stroke the side of Donnie’s face, “my god, I thought I’d never see you, never touch you again. When I was laying on the ground, a stake in my heart, my life draining away, all I could think about was the fact that you were lost to me.”

Donnie was taken aback by Angelo’s sincere words. His instincts told him that the vampire was not jesting as usual.

“I mean, really, do you realize how much self-control it took back at your place, when you came out, not to jump you then and there?”

Donnie looked down at his hands, “yeah, well, I know that has to be the only reason you keep coming for me. I mean, I can’t be your usual, run-of- the-mill shag, can I?”

“do you really think that’s the only reason I like to be with you?” Angelo reached out and tipped Donnie’s face until their eyes met.

Donnie’s heart sped up. He was unprepared for an emotional conversation, and regretted blurting out his theory on Angelo’s interest in him. He suddenly felt heat behind his eyes, as well as the threatening prick of tears, “well, why else would you like me?”

Angelo shook his head and pulled Donnie toward him into a tight embrace, “if you can’t answer that question for yourself, you could use a good shag.”

Donnie suddenly laughed and sobbed at the same time. he wrapped his arms around Angelo’s neck and buried his face in the vampire’s hair.

When his sobs finally subsided into shuddering breaths, Donnie pulled back and allowed Angelo to wrap his long, graceful fingers around his own thick green ones. “you know, I came here to tell you the conclusion we reached.”

“that’s boring.” Angelo planted a kiss on the tip of Donnie’s beak, “want some strawberries and champagne?” without waiting for an answer, he hopped off the bed and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a bowl of strawberries in one hand, and two champagne glasses and an unopened bottle in the other.

“we’ve decided to help you out,” continued Donnie, pointedly ignoring the fact that Angelo was opening the champagne bottle and pouring it liberally into the glasses, “but only so far as it helps out the humans.” Angelo thrust a full champagne glass into Donnie’s hand, “once the threat to human life is over, so is our involvement. Beyond that, you guys can deal with your own problems. *will* you *stop* that?!” he griped to Angelo.

The vampire was slowly running his tongue around a strawberry, engulfing it in his mouth and pulling it out, still whole.

“anyway, you have to agree that neither you or your associates will try to attack and/or drink our blood, or that of any unwilling humans.”

Angelo took a bite of the strawberry, sucking out the juices and closing his eyes, throwing his head back to expose his long, slender neck as he chewed.

“and you can’t keep attacking innocent humans, either. Of course, from what you explained about the UUVA, that shouldn’t be a pro-bluh-!” he stumbled over the word as Angelo impatiently popped a ripe strawberry into his mouth. He tried to scold the vampire and keep on-topic around the strawberry in his mouth, but found himself hardening at Angelo’s antics.

The vampire, with his champagne glass in one hand, pushed Donnie slowly back with the other. He straddled the turtle and took a gulp of his champagne, before setting the glass on the bedside table.

Donnie chewed his strawberry and took a drink of champagne. “we can’t go off on tangents, here.” he said around his mouthful, as Angelo pulled his shirt up over his head, exposing his muscular chest. “this problem is serious, and we can’t afford to-“

“Donnie? This is Leo. Come in, Donnie.” Leo’s voice crackled over the walkie-talkie, causing Donnie to jump.

Angelo frowned at the device as he pulled off his pants.

Donnie quickly grabbed the walkie-talkie, swallowing the strawberry he had grabbed, nearly choking in the process, “Donnie here.” he coughed.

“you okay?”

“er, just fine.”

“did you tell him?”

Angelo was now peppering Donnie’s neck and collarbone with kisses as he pulled off the turtle’s mask, and began working on his shoulder-strap and belt.

“um, yeah, I did.” He tried to swat Angelo’s hands away with his elbow, both hands being occupied. The vampire would have no such thing.

“what did he say?”

“oh, it’s fine with him. He- JEEZUS!” Donnie exclaimed as Angelo suddenly thrust his hand between Donnie’s legs and pulled out his throbbing cock.

“Donnie? Donnie, are you all right? What are you doing?”

“I… uh… oh shit…”

“we’re gonna fool around.” Growled Angelo as he fluttered his fingers lightly along Donnie’s member.

“what was that?”

“uh… er, Angelo says ‘hi’.”

“did he say that you were-“

“I gotta go now!”


“talk to you later! bye!” he cut off Leo hurriedly. “you’re trying to make my brothers think I’m some sort of gay nymphomaniac, aren’t you?” Donnie said to Angelo in an accusatory voice.

“what’s wrong with that? You act like that’s a bad thing!”

Donnie took a last swallow of his champagne and, pulling himself on his stomach by his arms, made for the edge of the bed. “this is a waste of time! I should be out there right now, helping mike, Leo and Raph! Not fooling around with-“

“heya, Donnie-dude, ya there?”

“w-what?” Donnie grabbed the walkie-talkie again and pressed the ‘receive’ button, “Mikey?”

“yeah. What the hell are you up to? Leo’s practically having a seizure!”

in the background Donnie could hear someone, presumably Leo, ranting about leeches and corpses. “look, I really can’t talk right now.”


Angelo stuck out his bottom lip and pouted for a total of three seconds. He then smiled mischievously and began groaning and moaning, the obscene sounds getting progressively louder.

“uuuh, Angelo and I are… uh…”

“YES!!” Angelo suddenly screamed.

“w-we’re discussing a plan!”

“is that him in the background?”

Angelo flung himself flat on the bed and began writhing as he continued his vocalizations “yes… yes… oh god, yes!”

“no! of course that’s not him! It’s… er… his neighbors.”


“oooooh, yes, right there, yeah, harder, *harder*!”

“they’re newlyweds. I reeeally have to go!”

“Donnie, are you sure-“

“I’m fine!” Donnie suddenly felt uncontrollable laughter bubbling up from his stomach. His voice cracked with the effort to suppress it, “look, I’ll meet you back at the den tomorrow morning.”

“what’ll you be doing until then?”

Donnie bit on his lip as his abdomen shook. How the hell did his life get this crazy? Here he was, a mutant turtle with the intelligence of a human, talking to his brother, of all people, while a member of the “new minority” made loud, sexual noises at him. “what’ll I be doing?”

“SHAGGING!” squealed Angelo


“Talking! Just… talking. Look, I really gotta go. Bye” he pushed the ‘end’ button, and promptly hurled the walkie-talkie at Angelo, who ducked it and placed a deft peck on Donnie’s lips. “you ass!” he tried his best to look annoyed but the expression dissolved in his laughter.

“what about it? ya like it?”

“I’d only be encouraging you if I said ‘yes’.”

“but that’s the truth, isn’t it?”


Angelo prowled toward Donnie on his hands and knees, a predatory grin on his face. Donnie backed up against the headboard and leaned his head into Angelo’s lingering kiss. “time to see what’s going on downstairs…” Angelo said in a husky voice.

As he began to slide down Donnie’s plastron, Donnie sat up and grabbed his shoulders, “wait.”

Angelo straightened on his arms and gave Donnie a questioning look.

Donnie looked into Angelo’s eyes. This vampire, this creature who, at first glance, seemed so evil, was the first one to make Donnie feel like something other than some mutant. He made Donnie feel attractive, sexy even. What were the chances of that? “I want to go all the way.”

Angelo opened and closed his mouth several times. For the first time, Donnie felt he finally surprised the creature. Angelo finally sat back on his heels and smiled. He reached out his hand and brushed the side of Donnie’s face, “my dear renaissance artist, a hundred sirens could not tempt me near as much as you do. Why do you want to go all the way?”

Donnie paused. He finally leaned forward, with a surprisingly determined expression on his face, “because I can. I haven’t before, and I want to.”

“as much as it rends my heart, not to mention my loins, to say this, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Donnie scooted away from him, scowling, “why? Because I’m ‘the nerd?’ because I’m so innocent and naïve that it’s inconceivable for someone like me to have done it? are you afraid I’ll break? Do you think I can’t handle it?”

Angelo moved up beside him and put his arms around him, his breath brushing Donnie’s cheek, “don’t think that my decision has to do with your ‘toughness factor’. I think you could handle dozens of situations that your brothers would balk at, being kidnapped by a horny immortal not the least of which, but I don’t think that now is that time, and I don’t think that I am that person.”

Donnie sighed, “well, you’re probably the only chance I’ll have.”

Angelo placed a mock aghast hand on his breast, “’only chance’? my dear turtle, if you keep swinging that tail of yours the way you do, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t eventually get several proposals.

“I don’t get out much…”

“yeah, neither do I.”

“but you-“ Donnie was cut off by Angelo’s feverish kiss, this time it was deep and encompassing. Donnie’s frustration melted away in the heat and spicy taste of Angelo’s mouth.

“ya wanna give as good as you get?” Angelo growled.

“what do you mean?” Donnie was, at this point, painfully hard, and if he didn’t get something soon, he’d either burst, or melt into a nerveless puddle.

“as much as I get off at the sight of you getting off, I want to know if you’d like to try the mutual third base.” Within a blink, Angelo’s shorts were on the floor.

“you had your chance at that, you tease.” Donnie said as he nuzzled Angelo’s silky-soft neck and inhaled the clean, floral scent of his hair.

“you call *me* a tease?!” Angelo chuckled as he wrapped his hands around Donnie’s throbbing organ. “just stop complaining and follow my lead… slut!”

“ho!” said Donnie as he thrust against Angelo’s hands, but rose to his knees opposite Angelo, in the same position as the vampire, and moved his hands down Angelo’s body until his fingers were wrapped around Angelo’s own erect cock.

“tramp!” Angelo gasped and groaned as Donnie squeezed, “tramp-turtle!”

“undead hussy!” Donnie gritted through his teeth as Angelo pumped his cock, the two creatures’s hands moving in united rhythm.

“tart!” yelled Angelo.

“gigolo-wannabe!” panted Donnie.

“oh, you are *in* for it, bitch!” snarled Angelo. He quickened his rhythm mercilessly, rocking against Donnie’s hands which, in turn, increased in rhythm.

Donnie whimpered and suddenly threw his head back, crying out as he saw bursts of stars behind his eyelids. He felt teeth press against his shoulder, though not break the skin, as Angelo roared into him. They both came, and both ended up with cum-covered stomachs.

Donnie’s fingers went limp, and he sat back on his heels and slumped against the headboard, his chin resting on his chest.

Angelo also sat back. he looked at his stomach. “there’s one disadvantage to doing it like that. The hands can’t swallow, so it gets kinda messy.”

“doesn’t take away from the experience, though, does it?”

“well, that was your second time, how was it?”

“better than the first.”

“*damn* I am good!”

“hey, you didn’t bite me!”

“yeah, glad you noticed, it took quite some effort. a taste of your blood alone is probably enough to get me off good.”

Donnie grinned lazily, “damn, *I* am good!”

Angelo stood and went to retrieve paper towels to remove the stickiness from both their stomachs. When that was done, he lay down beside Donnie and pulled the turtle into the crook of his arm. “sleep now.”

Donnie’s eyelids began to get heavy. “I should go…” his protest had no heart in it, and he snuggled into Angelo’s side, resting his head on the vampire’s shoulder. Angelo pressed his cheek against the top of Donnie’s head. Sleep came to them both on dark, silent wings.


Donnie awoke to the taste of Angelo’s lips upon his own. He sighed and opened his eyes. Angelo was bent over him. He looked toward the window: it was still dark outside. He rolled over, “it’s still nighttime.” He grumbled, pulling the blankets over himself.

“’what light through yonder window breaks?’”

“hungh?” Donnie opened one eye and squinted at Angelo.

“ 'it is the east, and Donatello is the sun!’ so get up, you should get back to your home before light.”

“Shakespeare isn’t going to motivate me any more than a cup of strong coffee.”

“no time. sun’s coming up soon.” Angelo grabbed one of Donnie’s arms and hauled him upright. He tossed Donnie’s belt, mask, bo, wrist, knee and elbow pads to him.

Donnie sighed in resignation and pulled them on. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and walked to the balcony doors, throwing them open, allowing the cold morning air to slap the life into his face and limbs. “I don’t know how I’m going to explain off this one to my family…” he sighed.

“tell them the truth.” Angelo came up behind him and wrapped his arms about Donnie’s shoulders.

“are you crazy?”

“don’t go into intimate detail. Just tell them that you spent the night with me.”

“they aren’t going to like that…”

“they can’t ignore who you are. They’re your family and they love you. it may be hard for them to accept who you are, but give them time to adjust to the idea. I think they care about you enough to make an effort to accept you without trying to change you.”

“you think so?”

“I’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve seen, and been in, a lot of different relationships. It’s clear to me the kind of bond you have with your family. Something that strong is rare, and precious, and I don’t think any of them would want to jeopardize that bond.”

Donnie turned to Angelo and smiled, “wow. That was incredibly eloquent.”

Angelo shrugged, “who’da thunk?” he planted a kiss on Donnie’s lips, which the turtle returned in full, and pointed to Donnie’s rope, which still dangled from the roof where the grappling hook was secured. Donnie grabbed the rope and began climbing hand-over-hand, the graying darkness making the lines between one object and the next less distinct, and the whole world less real.


*so, my pretty angel, you’ve taken another lover.* the strange figure hunched on the rooftop, unconsciously in the manner that his object of interest adopted when watching going’s-on without being noticed. He watched the familiar figure of Angelo standing on the balcony, holding that… that *freak* around the shoulders. They were talking, Angelo pressing his lips against the thing’s green skin. *you taunt me, lover. You take this deformed one into your bed, knowing you will make me jealous. You still want me, don’t you? yes… yes, that’s what this is all about. You’re playing the game…Do you plan on taking this creature above the clouds, then reaching into his chest to crush his very heart? Will you slowly drain the life from him as you make love? Will his tears excite you?* the stranger watched as the deformed creature grasped a rope dangling from the roof, and pulled himself up on it. *you send him away… you send him to me… are you prepared, angel? Are you prepared for me, for my power? I think not… but I know you still need me… you always did… so you send this thing away, you send him to me, and I will take him as you have… we will feast together, lover…*

Donatello only had time to gasp before he was limp and unconscious in a stranger’s arms. Before spiriting the turtle away, the dark form dropped a note, which spiraled down to settle on Angelo’s vacant balcony. He leapt away with his prize, insane laughter threatening to tear from his throat and shake the foundations of the city.

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