Tinselcat's Totally Original Avatars
Totally original means, of course, that I didn't acquire any of these on any other pages, but made the basic body models and such myself (isn't she amazing folks? Let's give 'er a big hand!!). These things are sort of like my way of playing with paper dolls without people thinking I'm a complete idiot, and I get to try my hand at costume design to boot! Also, as of yet, they're the only art I have on the web. *sighs* anyhoo, take a gander. Want a coustom-made avatar for yourself? Gimme an email (cybercat_ice@hotmail.com) with any specifications you have, and I'll see if I can whip one up for you! for the time being, take a gander at these examples.

Well, at the T-drome forums, I'm always talking about being a tmnt cheerleader. So, this is my uniform. cute, no?

I wanted to do an arabian-nights type deal. yeah. I like this one, in my humble opinion, it came out pretty well.

A friend of mine, who frequents Buffy the Vampire Slayer forums, asked me to design an avatar for her. This is it.

I designed this for my sister, who thought the whole avatar thing was pretty neat. I'm not crazy about how the face came out, though.

This is a character of mine, unrelated to the tmnt, but I wanted to put her on here anyway. I like this one.

hey look! It's Liz in Bubblegum-mode! (Liz is from my TMNT fic Midnightmares)

Liz again, different outfit.

Go! Leave! Back to Storage! Now! Go! Quick!