Okay, this is where all the non-TMNT stuff resides for the time being, until I get a webpage up specifically for these items. This includes any artwork, poetry and fanfic of mine that does not have to do with TMNT. Hey, every ship's got a Hold, right?

Original Images
Cartoon Avatars: Just a little hobby when I need to kill some time.

Discworld Fanart: So far, not much. Slashy art will eventually be up here (yeah, baby!). In fact, I'm considering just getting another website alltogether for Discworld stuff. Yeah, that sounds cool.

Carrot and Angua
Brian (my Original Char.)
The Bursar
The Librarian

Human Greebo

Everything Else:
Magrat as Tank Girl
Sketch of Death with cat
Sketch of the Wyrd Sisters
Brian in Lord Felmet's outfit from the Wyrd Sisters mini-series. (I just thought that outfit was cool)



Sketches 1: Just a quick sketch of Darkwing Duck being his usual upstanding self and a pic of Megavolt and Quackerjack cross-dressing. Yes, cross-dressing. I swear, it's Spug's fault!
Megavolt and Bushroot Sketches: I was definitely in a wierd mood when I did this one. It's got Megavolt and Bushroot being themselves, then a sketch of them drunkenly singing karaoke. Yes, Karaoke. No, don't ask.
Neo-Darkwing Duck: Sort of Darkwing Duck meets Alex Krycek. I like how this came out, I may turn it into a finalized, colored picture.
Darkwing Duck and Detective Rollins: A scene from my fic "Dangerous Games". Rollins hands over all the info he has to Darkwing Duck before leaving the case. Ignore the yellow stripe. My scanner has issues.
Dynasty Ducks: From my fic of the same name. A sketch of all the main characters in "Dynasty Ducks" in their egyptian garb. Megavolt is very pissed that he doesn't have an outlet, Bushroot has made a new friend, and Drake is wearing eye makeup. Seriously.
Dynasty Ducks Sketches: Just some rough sketches of a few scenes from "Dynasty Ducks". Includes pissed Megavolt, pissed Morgana and pissed Drake. Yeah, there was a lot of miffed characters in that fic. Warning: has some slashy content.
When Fedoras Collide: I just have this funny image in my head of Darkwing Duck and Negaduck crashing into each other as they swing around dashingly on ropes. Includes my first sketch of Gosalyn.


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