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Chapter 4- Brotherly Love

      Rain's father never did come looking for her, so she stayed with us. I gave her my room and moved into
  Raphael's. I'm still in shock with that. Raph and I never have gotten along and he's always kicking me out of his
  room. So him offering me a place to stay was more than I could ever begin to understand. Or want to for that
  matter. It had been almost 4 months since Rain had come into our lives, and during this whole time she is still
  upset with me. She's cold towards me and I believe it's the worst wound ever inflicted upon me. I feel too
  ashamed to go to Master Splinter for help, and I won't talk to my brother's about it. But I have no idea how to go
  about making amends with her. I hadn't meant to say those things to her, but I just couldn't understand why she
  put up with her father and the abuse he inflicted upon her. It just didn't seem right. Now things were unbalanced
  between us and I hate it. I glanced over at the clock and groaned. I was never going to get any sleep. That was
  another thing, I haven't been getting enough rest and in turn I was doing poorly during morning practice. I got up
  as quietly as possible and slipped out the door. I needed to get out and think.
      Two in the morning and New York is at its quietest. I climbed up the ladder soundlessly and crept over the
  ledge of the building. The perfect place to be when watching the sunrise or set. And no one knew I was here. Or
  at least I thought no one did.
      "Raph, why did you follow me?"
      He walked over to me and sat down.
      "Dunno, thought I'd keep ya company."
      "Since when have you ever wanted to do that freely?"
      "Oh since right about now. Why you askin' me so many stupid questions Leo? Can't a guy spend a little quality
  time with his brother?"
      Now I was suspicious. Since when did Raph ever want to spend quality time with me, unless it was when he
  was kicking my ass?
      "Ok, ya got me, I'm curious. What do you want?"
      "Nothin' Leo, I'm just..."
      "Just what?"
      "Worried about you."
      An uncomfortable silence fell between us. This was all very new to me, and I'm sure for him as well.
      "So what's eaten ya Leo?"
      "Isn't it kind of obvious?"
      "Well...yea, but I figured I'd give ya the opportunity to deny it a little bit more to save face."
      He gave me a smudge smirk, which made me laugh. Good ol' Raphael. Some things will never change.
      "Thanks, you're a, er, never mind."
      "S'what I thought. So, tell me what's on your mind Leo. Ya gotta talk to someone about it. Look at ya you're a
  mess! Not gettin' 'nuff sleep, doing bad at practice. You won't talk to Splinter or any of us. I can only sit back and
  watch ya fall apart for so long ya know."
      "I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to make things right between us. She won't talk to me, she's cold
  around me and... it's killing me."
      "You really care about her a lot don't you?"
      "Yea, you could say that."
      "Then tell her that."
      "Tell her how much you care about her. Give her your honor and your trust. Give her some devotion Leo,
  because I can tell ya right now. That girl cares about you more than she lets on. Mikey's been talkin' to her. Don't
  let her slip through your fingers Leo. You'll regret it for the rest of your life."

      This is the most Raph has ever told me. But every word is true. I needed to tell her. She needed to know that I
  would give my life up if it meant for her to live a decent life and to have happiness in it.
      "What all has she said to Mikey?"
      "That's not for me to say. You'll have to talk to Mike yourself."
      "Fair enough."
      "C'mon, lets get back, try and get some sleep. If we don't we're both going to have a bad practice, and that's not
  going to make Splinter too happy."
      He stood up and held his hand down. I took it gratefully and pulled myself up. In turn he pulled me into a quick,
  tight embrace, clapping me on the shoulder. I returned the brotherly gesture, and then we both headed towards
  home. I have a feeling that I will be getting some well-deserved sleep.

      I watched him go through the movements with a steady confidence. It was something I truly grew to love about
  him. I was still hurt by what he had said to me those few months ago, but I was still growing fonder of him. Dam
  it; men can be so confusing and hurtful. But I guess he hadn't meant it and that makes him stand apart from the
  rest. It makes him the most incredible person I've ever met. Now don't get me wrong. Don, Raph, and Mikey are
  all swell guys. I love them all to death. But it's always been different with Leonardo. Mikey thinks I'm in love with
  him. I don't think its possible. Plus, I don't think he'd ever ant me. I mean, for one, I'm human, and two…he's
  just too…fuck who am I kidding. I don't know what he's capable of feeling. Mikey told me the other day that Leo
  cares about me more than he lets on. What the hell is that supposed to mean exactly? And there's this feeling
  that's in the pit of my stomach. It's like this burning sensation, and whenever I think of him, or see him, or catch
  him watching me, it burns deeply. Not as in physical pain, but emotionally, and its not necessarily bad. I really
  don't know what it is. Maybe it's all my imagination. He seemed to be a little more focused today in practice.
  Which made me feel a little better. Maybe I should start being a little kinder to him. It's not really right for me to
  continue being mad at him for something that was completely justifiable. He was just thinking of my well being,
  and that means a lot to me. Maybe tonight I'll apologize to him. I owe him that.

      "So did you do it?"
      "Yea, I did it. It had better work though, or your ass will become my personal wall ornament."
      "It'll work, trust me Raph, I know what I'm doing."
      "Well that makes me feel so much better."
      "Dude, listen, they're in denial. They don't want to think that it's possible for them to hook up. I mean look at Leo
  for instance. He's probably convincing himself that it's too dangerous for him to get involved with Rain. Ya
  know? He doesn't want the foot to get a hold of her or something."
      "Yea, you're right about that, we'll just see what happens I guess."
      "It'll work Raph. Trust me."
      He gave me a grunt in response and sauntered off towards Don's lab. Poor guy, he's really worried about Leo.
  It was really hard for him to admit it too, but at least he talks to me. I just hope my plan does work, for everyone's
  sake. Ooh! Almost forgot, I need to talk to Sensei!
      "Master Splinter?"
      I looked into his room and found him sitting on his giant pillow. I had made it during my phase where I was
  knitting and sewing just about anything I could for a period of 2 and half months. The guys still give me crap
  about that. He looked up at me with his wise eyes and gave me a small smile.
      "Yes son?"
      "Umm...Leo hasn't talked to you about anything has he?"
      "No, but I do know that he is troubled."
      "Yea, he is. Very troubled."
      "And you know why this is?"
      I looked down at the floor guilty of knowing something he didn't.
      "Its about Rain."
      "I know."
      "You do?"
      I was shocked! Damn what doesn't Sensei know?
      "There are still many things you must learn Michelangelo."
      "Yea I guess so."
      "Leo love's this girl. He has loved her since his dreams started many years ago."
      "Wait, exactly how many years are we talking about here?"
      "Since he was young. He has been having them longer than you and your brothers. And he kept them secret till
  recently. He had felt dishonorable to you all. But I assured him that he had done no wrong."
      "Wow...and're ok with this?"
      "It is Leonardo's decision whether it is right or not. I can only guide him and hope he chooses the right way."
      "I see. So basically what you're saying is that if Leo and Rain hook up you would be cool with it?"
      I looked at him, hoping upon hope that he would be.
      "Michelangelo, if being with Rain would make your brother happy, then I see nothing wrong with it."
      I restrained myself from giving a loud whoop of joy and in instead bowed to him.
      "Thank you Master Splinter."
      He gave me a wise smile and returned the bow. I hightailed it out of there and gave a loud whoop in our living
  room. Scared poor Klunk to death, but he'd get over it. Now that all lights were green, I hoped that everything
  would start falling in place. The sooner Rain and Leo find each other, the sooner our family would be pulled
  back together, and closer than before.

      I smiled, watching Mikey let out a loud holler of victory. I too was rejoicing in the fact that Splinter would be ok
  with Leonardo being romantically involved with Rain. I just felt kind of guilty knowing about Raphael and Mikey's
  plan that was being kept secret. I felt that it was my duty to let Leonardo know, but something restrained me.
  Maybe it was because I knew I did say anything to him about this, it would jeopardize everything. And that is
  something I did not want to do. I cared about him too much. I hoped the gods were smiling down upon us. We'll
  need all the divine help we can get.

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