No, not April O'Neill. This April is a pal of mine who spied my humble starship from afar, and we've since been exchanging transmissions (email). Anyway, she's a great author, and I am at once honored and proud to be hosting her TMNT fanfic. Take heed, it's not all happy-happy, joy-joy, and has a dark element that many good fics have. However, her writing style is admirable, and she keeps you hooked! Oh, hell with that, she might as well grab you by the neck and wring the ever-loving life out of you!

okay, this is me getting carried away...

But enough chit-chat! On to the feature presentation:

The War Between Love and Abuse
Rated between PG and PG-13 for violent situations

Ch.1: Reality: Leo and his brothers seem to have a strange connection with someone they have only seen in their dreams... until Leo finds her...
Ch.2: Seeing for the first time: Rain discovers the true identity of her nighttime visitor... but hardly has time to dwell on it...
Ch. 3: Now the Story: Rain relates the story of her abuse to the turtles.
Ch. 4: Brotherly Love: The turtles try to cope with having a new person in their midst, while Leonardo tries to cope with his feelings.
Ch. 5: Honor and Love: unable to hold back any longer, Leo and Rain confess their feelings to each other.

Here's a pretty pic that April did of Leo. Just Leo being his usual noble self.

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