February 17, 2004: BIG updates, folks, check it out, I've added a whole new section to the Starship: Crew Profiles. These are profiles of TMNT characters, both canon  and original. so far, I only have profiles of the four turtles, but each page has a small image gallery of pics I scanned from comic books, and a couple things you don't normally find on a profiles page: what kind of dessert each character would be, if he were one, and what Magazine he would be on the cover of. Totally. Check it out. Oh yeah, small note, I moved the link to the site where I got most of my graphics to the links page. Just FYI, in case you wanted to peruse it.

January 26, 2004: First update of the new year! The front page is back to normal, I haven't really added much except four fanarts. Check 'em out. (They're at the bottom of the page of the Totally Turtles section.) They're my first real project with my new Prismacolor colored pencils. I'll be doing a re-vamp for Valentine's day, so keep a weather eye open for that.

December 15: So long since an update! This is because I'm an ass. No surprises there. Anyway, I decided to give the ol' page a little facelift for the holidays, hence the header that you'd better spend a hell of a lot of time staring at because it took me for-friggin'-ever!!! I also added a new section to the Lounge: Portrait artwork. this is what happens when I get a cosmopolitan makeover cd for five bucks. be afraid. be very afraid.

September 1: Okay, I'm a lazy ass. I'll be the first to admit it. But take heed! I've added some niiiice artwork to all three galleries (Totally turtles, Overt Originality and the Bedroom). so check it out. I havn't been completely lazy over the summer! hah!

April 11: Whoo, it has certainly been a while since my last update! A new fanart section is in the works. Nothing amazing, just my old stuff. None of it is very good, but I find it fun to see how my work has changed since I first rediscovered the turtles and started doing fanart. Right now the updates are to my fanart sections. a couple pics have been added to each.
February 22: THE NEW COMPUTER IS UP AND WORKING!! This includes the scanner, so I will be able to update my fanart pages more often. So, needless to say, I'm positively ecstatic. I've added a new section, Engineering, which is home to my TMNT comic book artist reviews. If you're interested in comic book illustration, I'd check it out. I've added a new header for the bedroom. I've also added a few more pics to the Overt Originality page and one to the Totally Turtles fanart page.

February 11: Oh my lord, have I ever been busy! My life is soooo hectic. Ya, anyway, the Cockpit has a nice look for Valentine's day, and the LINKS ARE FINALLY UP!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!! ahem. yeah. that's right. links. I'll be goin' now...

December 14: The latest from KB is up (really cool, must-see pic!) and I got a fanfic award!! YAAAAAY!! So, in order to properly boast, I stuck it up next to the Midnight Snacks header. It's very pretty. Thank you Greenwillow!! And in case you hadn't noticed, I've given the cockpit a lurvely look for the holidays!! Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless of religious persuasion, or lack thereof!

December 13: Okay, maybe I just got lucky, or maybe it being Friday the 13th had something to do with it, but my fanart sections are FINALLY WORKING!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!  I apologise about before, something funky was going on and the images weren't working or some such crapola. anyway, they're working now, so go check 'em out. I also added another section where all the random stuff with no other place to go will go: the Lounge. the only thing there is a TMNT drinking game, but hopefully that will change. anyway, go check it out!

December 6: BIIIIIIIG updates in the fanart section. I've added tons of my own fanart. Lots. and Lots. Yeah. One of the new pics is in the bedroom. Suggestive Donny. For those of you who may be fans of Darkwing Duck, I've posted some DWD fanart in Storage.

December 2: oooh, Lotsa updates. okay, biggest addition is *drumroll* THE BEDROOM!! all that's in there at the moment are a few naughty pics by KB, but if you're old enough and not offended by sexy-type stuff, I recommend checking them out. Chapters 4 and 5 of "the war between love and abuse" are up, kudos to April, who's doing a great job with her fanfic! the latest batch of KB's art is up. Actually, it's a little old, but I couldn't do any updating over my thanksgiving vacation. too busy. oh yeah, and you've probably noticed that I've changed the background for the cockpit. it fits my theme better. upcoming stuff includes a huge update to my fanfic page. keep an eye out for that sucker!

November 15: KB's latest is up, as well as a lurvely pic of Leo, done in the comic book style, by April. KB's gallery has been divided into two parts, since it was getting pretty big. I meant to get 'the bedroom' up today, but i ran out of time. ja, i t'ink dat's eet.

November 11: chapter 2 of april's fanfic is up, as well as the latest of KB's works. also, another pic by yours truly, and a lurvely pic by Loola that i kept forgetting to post for, like, months. the cartoon avatars are back up, in Storage, where they'll probably stay. upcoming stuff includes a separate section for tmnt fanfic and fanart that has adult themes, and should be accessed by adults only. so, if you're over 18 or of legal adult age in your state/country, look out for the opening of 'the bedroom'!

November 4: NEW FANFIC!! I am proud to present a new fanfic by a very talented author, a friend of mine, April. Just the first chapter, right now, but i'll keep posting the chapters as they come. so go read it! NOOOOOW!!! oh, the latest batch of drawings by KB have been added, it's been a little while since i've updated her page. anway, it's all up to par now, so everything's good. I also fixed a couple technical goofs on my part.

November 1: Well, as you can see, I've revamped the whole damn site! found this great website: www.coolarchive.com with all this free stuff you can use on you webpage. so, as you can see, I've gone nuts with it. It's really worth checking out.


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